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Ten Decorating Ideas For Round Coffee Tables


Interior design, when done correctly, results in a beautifully decorated living space and a well-deserved sense of accomplishment. However, many people face groan-inducing obstacles in their design journey, including “How to Style a Round Coffee Table.” Although decorating a round coffee table is not the most intuitive thing you’ll achieve, there is no denying the uncontrollable glee that emerges when you watch your living room come together. It’s a special kind of victory. Unlike square tables with ample space for all your favorite ornaments, decorations for round coffee tables require more consideration. You have to analyze the shape, size, height, texture, and other characteristics of the objects you select as decorations. But do not be scared off by these seemingly endless parameters. A wise saying is that nothing is as complex as first perceived. Considering this saying, styling a round coffee table doesn’t have to be difficult if you respect the rules. Luckily, these instructions are simple and direct and will guide you toward the correct design path. Without further ado, let’s dive into the various “Decorating Ideas for Round Coffee Tables.” By the end of this post, you will have acquired several “decorating round coffee table ideas” needed to style your coffee table and turn your living room into an aesthetically pleasing space.


Round Coffee Table Decoration Ideas

Keep in mind that different coffee table shapes produce different styles. The simple reason is because of the several parameters you have to work with. For example, when decorating round tables, you should note that the tabletop will be viewed from every direction. Therefore, you should avoid styling the front portions of your ornaments in the same direction. Additionally, resist the urge to use excess circular objects in your layout. Too many circles will make your table appear boring and unnoticeable due to the consistent symmetry. After all your hard work, the last thing you want is for your efforts to go unnoticed. Try combining varied shapes for an attractive look. A rectangular tray or a low basket, for instance.
Below are the round coffee table decorating ideas to create a painlessly stylish coffee table.

Take The Traditional Route

Among the numerous round coffee table decor ideas, using plants and books to create a stunning look is vastly popular. For this step, you’ll need ornaments like coffee table books, a plant(s), and preferably, a cute paperweight. Start the process by placing your plant(s) at the center. This will give your table a perception of height.
Next, consider stacking your books. Three book stacks are suitable for a round surface. It gives your table a balanced look from all directions.
This simple style allows you enough space to place your plates and drinks without creating a shabby atmosphere.

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Obey the Rule of Three

While you ponder how to decorate a round coffee table, be conscious about following the rule of three. Treat the layout of your table like a triangle and create groups in three distinct sections. This deliberate setup will produce balance and a captivating view, creating a feast for the eyes. Moreover, this arrangement gives space for placing your essentials – plates, and drinks – while you use the table.

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Begin with a Focal Point

The third tip in “decorating ideas for round coffee tables” is, to begin with, a focal point. A low coffee table has a small surface area. Therefore, adding one or two large items will bring visual weight to your table and provide a center of interest.

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Give Every Part Equal Attention

Although many coffee tables are single tiers, several have more than one layer. If your coffee table has an open bottom layer, consider decorating it rather than using it as a compartment for stray belongings.
It would be such a waste. Fortunately, all you need is a large, substantial item like a tray or a bowl to liven up your coffee table. This piece will be akin to an extra appendage. Functional and orderly. It will keep your decor grounded and prevent it from looking untidy.

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Take a Unique Approach

The earlier decorating ideas for round coffee tables are most suitable for living rooms with a single coffee table. If your living room has two round tables, it is best to design each differently. Their unique designs will give your living space personality and also ignite interest. For instance, if you style one table with books and boxes, the other table should be decorated with intriguing sculptures and figurines.
These sets of ornaments are excellent conversation starters, but to give your living room a more pleasing visage, try to keep your decor pieces organized. Your sculptures and figurines should be grouped, while your books should be stacked on top of one another. This arrangement will help you prevent chaotic scenery in your living room.

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Let Mother Nature Be Your Guide

As you discover how to decorate round coffee tables, remember to let Mother Nature guide your steps.
Take your coffee table as a blank canvas and yourself as the painter. Your thoughts wander on what masterpiece to create as you stare at your battlefield (your table). But time passes, and you fail to achieve a resolution. This increases your stress levels and causes you to sigh in frustration. Just then, your gaze shifts and stops by the open window, where your eyes look outside to watch the trees and flowers. This scenery was what you needed to receive your flash of inspiration. Following the same concept, you can style your coffee table simply by placing a large bunch of fresh flowers on top.
This step will cut your time in half and give your living room a vibrantly beautiful aesthetic. Furthermore, you can change your bouquet as the seasons pass to enjoy summery nature in your home’s comfort.
Just like that, your table will have a consistently fresh design all year round. Doesn’t “Mother” nature know best?

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Go for Complimentary Colors

Decorating ideas for round coffee tables come in all forms. You can follow numerous beautiful and practical tips in your coffee table decor.
However, a particular aspect you should never ignore is ensuring that the style of your coffee table compliments the color scheme of your living room.
From the tray to the sculptures, vases, jars, and flowers, you need to confirm that everything is in the same hue. Complementary tones will give your living room a streamlined look and prevent the area from looking like a unicorn’s barf.
An intense comparison, but your living room won’t be far off if you use objects of diverse colors to decorate your coffee table.

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Don’t be Afraid of Layering

Adding extra layers is a great way to raise the appeal of your coffee table. This gives your living room finesse and a welcomed touch of snugness. As earlier stated, stacking your books will give your low coffee table an impression of height. These stacks elevate the miniature ornaments and include a unique shape that makes the table
appear even more impressive.
Additionally, you can add layers of smaller objects, like coasters, functional boxes, or other decor pieces, to give your coffee table books some personality and texture.

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Add More Greens

Decorating ideas for round coffee tables are not exclusive to the table itself. You have to account for the surroundings as well.
Adding houseplants to your living room is among the best decorating ideas for coffee tables. Houseplants bring life and a delicate touch to your living room decor. They are especially recommended if you’re going for a natural look.
Consider plants with uncommon traits and structures. For example, select plants with attention-grabbing root structures, unusual shapes, long smooth leaves, or better still, go for succulents. Remember to water and properly care for these plants. If you have pets, select pet-friendly houseplants like Kentia palms and the Chinese money plant.

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Edit Your Work

Like most jobs, the final step in styling your coffee table is editing your work. You should evaluate your work to see what ornaments stay and which need to be removed. After your observation, take down the objects that make your table look forced or excessive. This step is a bit tricky, so take care not to overdo it.

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We hope the above suggestions have given you insight into which decorating ideas for round coffee tables to employ. There are numerous ways to make your coffee table a main character in your living room. No particular method is superior to the other. There are only designs that are suitable and not suitable.
Please don’t hesitate to explore the multiple options and settle for a method that suits your living room and personal aesthetic. Good luck!

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