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How To Store Folding Chairs?


How To Store Folding Chairs; a query that always comes to mind when you have folding chairs at home. The folding chair serves the purpose of different seating arrangements. This blog will teach you how to keep them in safe places after usage.

How To Store Folding Chairs?

Nowadays, increasing the seating arrangement for your home is very convenient. What is the first problem you think of when throwing a party or dinner? The seating arrangement is a bigger challenge than the food or décor. Purchasing folding chairs is the best option you could have.
Similarly, the feature that encourages you to purchase chairs is that you can easily store them anywhere. After the chair’s purpose is fulfilled, you can place them in a safer place in a folded form. If you don’t keep the chairs in storage, they will unnecessarily take up a huge space. Moreover, folding those back into a secure place will keep them protected. You have to be very careful in placing the chair back in a proper storage place. Similarly, you can convert it in many places as storage.
Below are the foldable chair storage ideas that work for standard folding chairs.

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  • Hanging them on walls

Hanging the folding chairs on the wall is the best option. You have to drill a hook on the wall. Remember that the hooks should be strong to resist the weight of the chairs. If the wall structure is weak, find an alternative for the hook.
Keep a distance of chairs from the ground so the chair doesn’t touch the ground. You can hang multiple chairs on a single hook if you have slim chairs. It is the simplest option for how to store folding chairs on the wall.

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  • Inside the closet

A closet is a secret place where you can hang the folding chairs. If you have a closet with extra space, convert it into something useful. You can keep the chairs in a hangar. Similarly, it will prevent the chairs from encountering dust.

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  • Under the bed

How to store folding chairs is a query that always triggers you. The solution is possible with the placement of chairs under the bed. It is excellent if your bed has a height higher than the ground. You can fold the chairs and place them stacked under the bed. It is approachable, allowing you to take the chairs out whenever required.

  • Folding chair storage bags

Storing folding chairs in a storage bag is a great technique. The bag comes in different materials. The best ones come in a polyester bag with waterproof material. This feature protects the chair from water exposure and prevents dust. You can even find the bags tailor-made. Some of the bags even include wheels like a trolley. Furthermore, some bags have a tailor-made handle that lets you easily lift the bag.
After placing them in the bag, you can put the bag in the attic or any other storage place you find in your home.

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  • Storage racks

In the market, you will find storage racks that provide ample space for keeping the chairs. Mount the rack on the wall and fix it properly. This rack has shelves allowing ample room to store the folding chairs. It serves the purpose of storage for folding chairs.

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  • In the laundry unit

The laundry unit is one of the least frequent areas of guest visits. Therefore, keeping the folding chair is safe in that area. You can fix a wooden or metal hanger on the wall of the laundry area.
Also, you can keep the folding chairs near the washing machine. Usually, the space near the machine is free, so it behaves as the perfect storage for the chairs. Hence it is one of the best folding chair storage ideas that you can use.

In the laundry unit

  • Behind the console table

If you have a console table or rack in your TV lounge or bedroom, save the space behind it. To answer your query about how to store folding chairs behind the console, then drag the console ahead. Place the folded chair behind it and push the console back. This place is best; when guests are around, drag the console and pull the chairs out.

folding chair in table

  • Convert them into a shelf

What if you get two advantages for storing those chairs? It is an excellent idea to hang the chairs in a way that becomes a shelf for storing stuff. You can use the chair shelf to place plants or other decorative stuff. Hence, the chair gets storage, and you get a shelf.

Convert them into a shelf

The type of folding chairs and storing folding chair ideas

It requires a proper plan if you are wondering how to place the chairs in a safer place. You cannot keep them anywhere. Therefore, you have to follow the idea of storing them according to the chair type. Every folding chair differs in its purpose and style. Here, we will discuss storage ideas for two specific chair types; outdoor chairs and camp chairs.

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How to store folding chairs in the garage?

The outdoor chairs are larger with a wide seating area. Similarly, you frequently use them for sitting in the garden or at any outdoor event you planned. Therefore, for the storage of this chair, you have to opt for a place accessible to your garden. The most common area is the garage. Thus, you can easily access the garage to pick up the chairs or place them back.
To learn how to store folding chairs in your garage, read below.

  • Placing them in stacked form

Fold the chairs and place them in the stacked form if you need more storage space in the garage.

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  • Hang the chairs behind the door or even the garage wall

This technique of storing folding chairs includes hanging chairs on the walls with hooks or hangers. Sometimes, you can hang multiple railing hooks to hang various chairs in a sequence.

folding chair on wall

  • Storing in organizers

You can purchase a large organizer to place the portable chairs in them. Hence, it will make the garage look neater and more assembled.

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How to store folding camp chairs?

Those who love camping require a luxury essential for camping, a folding camping chair. As you know, the chair you choose should be very light in weight, making it easier to carry it along.

  • Inside the car trunk

Cars usually have a large trunk that you use for storing luggage items and the toolbox. You can wrap a sheet around the folding chairs and place them in the car trunk. Afterward, plan a camping trip any time. If you keep the folding chairs in the car’s storage, you don’t have to search for them in your house. It is the best way to store folding chairs.

Inside the car trunk

  • Large cupboards

You can place the folding camping chairs in the store room where you keep other camping stuff. It is up to you whether hang them or put them aside in the corner of the cupboard.

camping folding chair

  • Custom covers

You will find covers specifically designed for camping folding chairs in the market. Keep the cover around the chairs to protect them against dust and water.

folding chair cover

  • Vacuum packaging

If you still want to know how to store folding chairs, use vacuum packaging. So, the packaging provides a compressing effect on the chairs. It removes the air from the packaging. Hence, the packaging adopts the shape of the chairs.

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The benefits of folding chair storage ideas

You would agree that folding chairs can ease your life in remarkable ways. Similarly, the storage feature offered by chairs allows you to keep the chairs at home. Let’s go through the benefits of keeping the chairs in the proper places.

  • To keep the chairs safe

A folding chair is a portable chair that comes lightweight. You have to be very careful when storing the chairs in their particular places. The use of these chairs is so often minimal. Therefore, assign them a specific area where you can keep them safe after their usage.
Storage ideas help prevent the chairs from getting damaged. If you opt for bag storage, you can smoothly transport the chairs to their next destination.

  • Prevention against environmental effects

Storage for the folding chair prevents the chairs from entrapping dust in them. If you leave the chair unattended in outdoor places, then pollution affects them. Rusting, damaged structure, and faded paint are common effects your chairs can encounter.
Keeping them safe in proper boxes or bags prevents the chairs from exposing water or sunlight. It will enhance the durability and lifetime of the chairs. Hence, your chairs will always remain new as if you bought them today!

  • Saves the space

Space could be a significant issue if you live in a small apartment or house. Buying a folding chair is more manageable, but what about its storage? To solve this issue, use the folding chair storage ideas. You can then assign smaller areas for storing the chairs. For example, hanging them behind the doors, walls, etc., will save the space the unfolded chairs take.

  • Keeps the chairs clean

When you keep the chairs packed in indoor places, it keeps the chairs clean. You don’t have to do their cleaning even if you re-use them after a long time.

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How to store folding chairs is a challenge if you don’t have the ideas to store the chairs. Hence, by reading those interesting ideas, you can increase the lifetime of those chairs. It further keeps the chairs safe.

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