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Gold Stainless Steel Metal Leather Dining Chair

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We specialize in manufacturing exquisite wedding and event furniture, catering to the needs of table and chair wholesalers, wedding companies, and event planning agencies. Allow us to introduce our stunning white leather stainless steel chairs, perfect for creating an elegant and luxurious atmosphere.

Featuring soft white cushions and a gold seat frame, our dining chairs elevate your dining experience to new heights. The unique seat back design embodies opulence and sophisticated craftsmanship. The combination of excellent hardware craftsmanship and thoughtful design ensures these chairs have superior load-bearing capacity while providing utmost comfort, thanks to the plush leather flannel cushions on the frame and stool legs.


Gold Stainless Steel Metal Leather Dining Chair Feature

  • Material: Metal, Leather
  • Comfort Cushion: 35-density sponge; you can customize the sponge thickness, density, and fabric.
  • Anti-slip Foot Pads: The legs are equipped with anti-slip pads, which are durable and can protect floors and carpets.
  • Application: Party/Hotel/Wedding Banquet/Event
  • Load capacity 300 kg
  • Accept custom colors
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 100pcs

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Not only do these white leather stainless steel chairs enhance the aesthetics of your space, but they also make your house more glamorous and inviting. When your friends and guests visit your home and see these exquisite chairs, they will be impressed by your impeccable taste and give you admiring glances.

Crafted from premium #201 stainless steel, our chairs not only boast exceptional corrosion resistance but also exhibit high density and exquisite polishing. This makes them a durable and easy-to-maintain furniture option for various domestic and commercial settings. Whether it’s a lavish wedding reception, a sophisticated banquet, or a stylish dining area, our white leather and stainless steel dining chairs are the perfect choice to create a luxurious and comfortable ambiance.

Experience the perfect blend of elegance, comfort, and durability with our exquisite range of white leather stainless steel dining chairs. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and elevate your wedding or event to the next level.

#201 stainless steel is also known for its high density, which means the chair’s material is stronger and more
stable. It can withstand the heavy pressure of daily use and is not easily deformed or damaged. It has
excellent acid and alkali resistance, which means that even in daily household use, it can easily resist the
corrosive effects of substances such as food, drinks, and detergents on the surface of the white leather stainless steel chair.

This makes leather stainless steel chairs very durable and less susceptible to damage.

banquet chair

Soft sponges: Lower-density sponges are generally softer and suitable for use on seats or sofas that require
a more comfortable, soft feel. This foam may not be as supportive, but it provides a more comfortable sitting
position. Stiff sponges: Relatively higher-density sponges are generally stronger and provide better support
and elasticity. This foam is suitable for situations where a firmer seat is required, such as office or restaurant
chairs. Ultra-soft foam: This usually refers to ultra-soft foam with a very low density, which provides a very
soft seating experience and is suitable for situations where extreme comfort is required, such as sofas or
recliners. High-density sponge has better elasticity and can provide higher support, suitable for occasions
that require a more durable and stable seat. Such foams are common in applications such as sofa cushions,
seat cushions, and mattresses because of their ability to maintain their shape and performance during use
while providing a comfortable seating experience.

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The frame of this white leather stainless steel chair can support over 500 pounds, making it one of the sturdiest banquet chairs
on the market. Skin-friendly leather/velvet seat cushions and backrest give you a comfortable sitting feel.
Enjoy mealtime or relaxing moments with this dining chair. Our chair legs are gold-plated for durability.
We have 4 styles to choose from, choose one to match your home decor and add the perfect accent to your home.

gold stainless steel chair bulk

The stacking feature allows you to move the chair out of the way when not in use. With comfort and durability,
you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy this elegant stacking banquet chair for years to come.

stainless steel chair supplier

Straight legs and backrest frame made of gold-tone stainless steel. The chair’s seat and its circular quilted
backrest are covered in white eco-leather. All materials used to produce this piece of furniture are of the
highest quality and great attention has been paid to every detail throughout. Our charismatic chairs combine
baroque style with modern forms.

gold stainless steel chair factory

Upholstered dining chairs with sculpted rust-proof metal legs, upholstered backrests, and seats will bring a
warm, elegant atmosphere to your living room. You can feel as comfortable in these upholstered chairs as
you would in a fine hotel Enjoy the best of your holiday life. Enjoy a touch of elegant classic style with this
dining chair. The silhouette features a uniquely designed seat back and gorgeously curved legs. The interior
offers a bright effect that contrasts nicely with the gold finish frame. Enhance the personality of any space
with this extraordinary dining chair.

gold stainless steel chair wholesale

This stainless steel dining chair can be used as a practical seating arrangement in churches, banquet halls,
wedding ceremonies, training rooms, conferences, hotels, conferences, schools, and any other gatherings.

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