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Qingdao Blossom Furnishings Limited has its own napkin factory.Our napkin factory can produce napkins of various materials and different colors. Our napkins are mainly exported in bulk.Impress guests by placing a beautiful scalloped or flower-shaped cloth on each table cloth.Perfect for restaurants, banquets, banquet halls, and weddings, these square napkins are designed to be durable and long-lasting.Wash the fabric repeatedly without damage or wear!

Dinner Napkins Advantage

  • Material:Cotton,linen,cloth,silk and so on.
  • Colors available: sky blue, black, chartreuse, chocolate, coral, cobalt blue, emerald, fuchsia, gray, red, pink, white.
  • Easy to wash: machine washable, dry and safe, anti-stain and anti-wrinkle.
  • Prevent wear: Evenly sutured folded edges prevent wear and provide lasting impression

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Polyester Napkin

Our factory can produce polyester napkins in bulk.Our economical, durable, easy-to-fold polyester napkins
will keep your guests messy while adding a luxuriousfeel to your activities.Easy to care for and maintain,
our 100% polyester napkins are ideal for use at weddingreceptions, baby showers, fifth anniversary parties,
rehearsal dinners, birthday parties, dining, and more!

cotton napkin

Blue napkin wholesale

Linen Napkin

Whether you’re entertaining guests or enjoying a family meal, you’ll love this durable linen napkin.Made
of a soft and durable linseed cotton blend, these classic square napkins are solid in color with a rough edge
for a classic look.Perfect for daily use or special occasions, these tablecloths provide a familiar feel to any meal.
We produce linen napkins bulk in China.

cloth napkin

Sequins Napkin

The design of this shimmering fabric exudes energy and luster.Bring a stylish twist to your dining table with
this truly stunning masterpiece.Sparkly sequins are studded with rainbow lines to add a lively sparkle.For
your wedding, birthday, shower, or holiday party, create a glamorous dining table with this shiny masterpiece
that will give you the super-stylish look you’ve always wanted.We sell sequins napkins bulk in China.

dinner napkins

Silk Napkin

Rayon is a kind of imitation polyester silk fabric, suitable for the activity industry.Therefore, artificial silk
provides a more economical way for the event industry to support the natural look with appropriate price
and maintenance.

Cotton Napkins

With these lovely 100% cotton napkins from Sunday family lunches, an elegant afternoon tea or dessert
and a cocktail party, these napkins will be reused over and over again, and cotton cloth is easy to clean.

cotton napkin


Napkins Color

Our napkins come in white, black, gold, red, pink, blue, green and so on.We have many other colors to choose
from and we accept customization.These napkins are perfect for printing, making your own set of beautiful
designs and color choices.A set of napkins is also a good gift.

napkins colors

linen napkins bulk

white linen napkins

Different Napkin Usage Scenarios

Dazzle your guests and invitees by decorating your table with shiny sequined napkins.This enchanting piece
is made of shimmering sequins with gauze mesh at its highest perfection.The seamless glitz and opulence of
this luxury accessory will add plenty of royal lustre and glamour to your dining table, giving you duchess status.

pink linen napkins

Napkins are a must at dinner.Besides being a key element to create a stylish and elegant feel for your special
event, the napkin is one of the most functional pieces of event decor.Their attractive appearance and quality
fabrics add a decorative touch to your wedding or banquet table.Our napkins are elegant and suitable for any
occasion, from formal events and weddings to informal dinners at home with friends and family.

fabric napkins

“Not only do I like its simplicity, but I also don’t think it must be used for special occasions.” The edge of
the napkin has stitched eyelets, and every detail of the napkin is purposeful. It’s not like you have to press
it or send it out for dry cleaning. Just put it in the washing machine, let it dry for 10 minutes and then take
it out. It doesn’t have to be too picky. ”

red napkin

Swivel napkins are different from others in that they are round. Usually, they are best used on the coffee
table while drinking tea or coffee. The square silverware napkin has a pocket-like function, and you can
put forks, spoons and knives in it. The rest depends on your creativity.

green napkin factory

Can be folded into various styles. Anti-wrinkle and anti-fouling. Can be reused and cleaned many times.
Very suitable for restaurant napkins, hotel napkins, wedding banquet napkins, banquet napkins and
banquet napkins. Satin table runners and satin chair window frames are also provided.

yellow napkin supplier


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