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Chair Covers Wholesale

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Qingdao Blossom Furnishings limited is committed to producing all kinds of chair covers for more than 13 years. We provide more than one million pieces of chair decorations including seat cushions, chairs covers, tablecloths, etc. to the world every year. We can provide seat covers of different colors, materials, styles, and sizes according to the detailed requirements of customers. And these seat covers can be printed with logos and patterns that customers want. All kinds of seat covers play different roles in different places. They can prevent dust pollution, friction, and scratch during storage and transportation, and they can also play a decorative role in wedding and event.

Advantage of Our Chair Covers:

  1. The material of the Chair covers: Melt, Fabric, Linen, leather, spandex, canvas.
  2. Size: can match almost kinds of chairs. Like Chiavari chairs, padded folding chairs, cross back chairs, and banquet chairs.
  3. Color options: different kinds of color for your reference, black, white, gray, red, yellow, gold, and so on.
  4. Minimum order quantity: If you ship the cover with chairs, there will be no limit about quantity.
  5. Sample order or not: Accept sample order.
  6. Lead time: 5000 pieces weekly.
  7. Package: one cover one bag.

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While producing all kinds of wedding chairs, we also provide customers with all kinds of materials, all kinds of chair
covers, including linen chair cover, elastic chair cover, non-woven chair cover, which can be used for folding chair,
ghost chair, cross chair, bamboo chair and other chairs. We accept all kinds of chair covers wholesale business.
spandex chairs cover

Because we are a professional seat and chair cover manufacturers, so we are committed to providing customers with
high quality products have been our pursuit, in order to achieve customer satisfaction.
The following is our seat cover
production process introduction (step by step):

  • Chair Covers Cutting

The chair cover production workshop is all trained workers with rich cutting experience. To achieve the same cutting
size, the factory use of cutting machines to cut, to ensure the same size of the cloth.

  • Quilting

The fabric cut to the shape required by customers is called the prototype of chair cover after the processing of the
quilting machines and workers.

  • Ironing and Inspection

In the process of ironing, make the seat cover neat and flat, and check if there is any problem with the fabric of the

  • Package

One cover one bag, and we put some bags into cartons.

The Material of Chair Covers

we can offer different materials for customer’s reference.

1.Melt cover

Protect the chair from dust, dust, and damage. Machine washable, reusable, and wear-resistant.

2.Fabric Chair Cover

Prevent wear: evenly sewn serrated edges, with coloured threads to prevent wear and give a lasting impression

chairs covers wholesale



3.Canvas Chair Cover

Usage: rinse with warm water.Low-temperature drying.Can be reused.

Purpose -seat cover for weddings, banquet, event, banquet, decoration.


4.Leather Chair Cover

Our leather chair covers not only offer an elegant and stylish choice but is also easy to clean. Hire leather-covered
chairs for your wedding reception, banquet or special event.

5.Spandex Chair Cover

Because flexibility is good, because this applies to many kinds of chair.Suitable for banquet, banquet, hotel, outdoor
and other occasions.

Chair Cover Types & Color Options:

We can offer kinds of chair covers colors for your choice as follows:

And we can produce kinds of covers for the different model of chairs as following:

1.Wooden Chiavari Chairs and Chiavari chair cover

Not only are chair covers the key to success in making your Chiavari chair look good, but unnecessary paint adds to
your costs and reduces margins.
Chair covers allow painted furniture to be stacked over and over without damaging

2.Resin Chiavari chairs and chair covers

3.Royal chairs and chair covers

4.Wooden padded folding chairs and cover

5.Victoria chairs and covers

6.Wooden phoenix chairs and covers

7.Wooden cross back chairs and covers

Our wooden cross back chair covers help protect and extend the life of your hatchbacks, giving them a fresh
Reduce wear and scratches when storing or transporting your wood across stacked chairs.

Cover for limewash chairs

8.Wooden Louis chairs and seat covers

Louis chair cover is made of high quality material, which is not only elastic, but also soft, comfortable and wrinkle
Removable and washable in several colors.

9.Metal banquet chairs and covers

Use these premium chair covers not only to transform your plain and uninviting banquet and banquet chairs into
elegant seating, but also to exude different styles and complexities.

We also produce chairs cover for stackable chairs in the warehouse as following:

We can provide custom covers for standard banquet chairs.Because some chair covers won’t fit all the party chairs,
it’s the client’s responsibility to make sure it fits.
The ideal is to add a soft touch to the venue, or to cover it with
unattractive chairs.
And we can also provide you with the logo you need.

banquet chair cover



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