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French Bistro Chairs Wholesale

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Treat your guests to dining al fresco in style and comfort with this outdoor armchair. Designed for outdoor use, this French-style chair is a great choice for restaurant and bar patios, sidewalk seating, and even banquet and outdoor entertaining areas. Its unique bamboo design instantly adds visual appeal to your venue and catches the eye of customers and passers-by. Plus, its armrests keep your guests comfortable while enjoying their meal or drink. Its stackable design makes it ideal for businesses with minimal storage space, while floor rails on the legs help protect your floors from scuffs and scratches. This extra level of protection is perfect for indoor use if you decide to use this chair inside your institution!

Rattan Bistro Chairs Wholesale

  • Imitation bamboo chair with aluminum structure.
  • Synthetic wicker seat, UV resistant.
  • Suitable indoors and 100% outdoors.
  • Lightweight and stackable to save space when not in use.
  • Available in a variety of colors and/or finishes.

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Made with a stylish aluminum frame, this French Bistro Chairs set not only provides an elegant touch with its attractive
design but also showcases excellent durability. The seat and back are made of outdoor mesh for cool
breathability for your summer lounging. Perfect to complement a side table or your favorite bistro table,
these feature chairs are sure to take your outdoor space to the next level.

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These fine French bistro-style chairs are ideal for outdoor patios and indoor dining. With their timeless look
and attractive wicker weaves, they are sturdy, stackable, and easy to clean.

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French Bistro Chair Production Process

Constructed from powder-coated aluminum, this chair is durable enough to resist weather and corrosion,
while being lightweight and easy to maneuver. The appeal of stainless steel extends far beyond its robust
nature. Its lustrous finish gleams with timeless appeal, effortlessly enhancing any space it adorns. Whether
polished to a mirror-like sheen or brushed to a contemporary matte finish, steel exudes sophistication and
adds a touch of modernity to any interior.

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These aluminum tubes are cut into required lengths on a machine. The whole chair is made of aluminum
suitable for outdoor use, with hand-woven synthetic wicker with a bamboo pattern, which is UV-resistant,
so you have no worries.

rattan dining chair wholesale

Put the cut aluminum tube on the machine and bend it into shape. Experienced craftsmen place the tubes
in special bending machines. One end of the pipe is fixed, while the other end is connected to the bending die.
The bending machine applies gradually increasing force and pressure, gradually changing the shape of the
tubing. The craftsmen deftly manipulate the machine and carefully adjust the bending angle, radius, and
curve to ensure that the final bending effect meets the design requirements.

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The frame is made of high-quality iron, strong and durable, beautiful and fashionable in color, flat and smooth,
lightweight and durable. Throughout the bending process, craftsmen maintain a high degree of concentration
and accuracy. They pay close attention to the deformation and stress of the stainless steel pipe, taking steps
to minimize the impact on the metal and ensure its long-term durability.

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When the stainless steel chair is installed, a critical step is pickling to ensure its surface finish and corrosion
resistance. The chairs are sent into the pickling area, an area specially designed to handle stainless steel
materials. During pickling, a special acidic solution, usually a dilute solution of hydrochloric or sulfuric acid,
is used. This acidic solution effectively removes oxides, welding slag, dirt, and other impurities from stainless steel surfaces.

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Chairs will dry in a well-ventilated area. This step is critical because wet stainless steel surfaces can cause
water spotting and corrosion. By drying thoroughly, the surface of the chair is restored to a glossy finish,
exuding durability and quality.

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Our spray painting is automatic spray painting, hanging up for the painting, and just air drying here after
painting. Chairs are carefully suspended in the painted area. In this area specially designed for painting,
the environment requires good ventilation, and appropriate protective measures are taken to ensure the
safety and quality of painting operations.

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Manual hand-painting, hand-painting is more detailed, there will be no omissions. Comfortable design and
stylish atmosphere. It conforms to the curve of the human body and is comfortable to sit on. After the surface
of the sprayed stainless steel chair presents bright colors, the process of hand-painting further enhances the
texture and delicate touch of the chair. Artisans meticulously prepare the painting area, ensuring good
ventilation and a dust-free environment. They use fine-grained brushes, sponges, or special paint tools to
carefully apply the paint material to the surface of the chair. By hand painting, they are able to precisely
control the thickness and evenness of the paint to ensure that every part is well coated.

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Rainproof, sunscreen, corrosion-resistant, thickened anti-rust iron alloy, durable. The seat material is made
of PVC plastic to ensure a stable product structure, strong bearing capacity, environmental protection, and

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We wrapped the legs of the chairs so they wouldn’t scratch the other chairs when stacked. Anti-slip and
anti-scratch mats keep you safe while protecting the floor. Craftsmen will carefully inspect each stainless
steel chair to ensure that there are no blemishes, dirt or other substances attached to the surface of the chair.
The entire stainless steel chair is wrapped in a durable protective material such as foam, bubble wrap, or foam
sleeve. These materials provide cushioning and protection to reduce shock and vibration to the chair during transport.

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French Bistro Chairs Weight

The weight of our chair is 3.88kg. The rattan dining chair is very light and stackable, so it is easy to transport.
Made from outdoor mesh material, this seat makes our chairs both flexible and supportive. This lightweight
material allows air to circulate and dissipate body heat on hot days.

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Ideal for adding a Parisian flair to your outdoor space. The whole chair is made of aluminum suitable for
outdoor use, with hand-woven synthetic wicker with a bamboo pattern, which is UV-resistant, so you have
no worries.

outdoor rattan dining chair wholesale

French Bistro Chairs Package

We wrap the back of the chair with an environmentally friendly plastic bag to prevent the chair from being
scratched during transportation. Then stack the chairs into a stack, and the height should be based on the
height of the container. We wrap the whole stack in brown paper to keep out dust. The first chair in each
stack is fixed on a wheeled trolley for easy movement and loading and unloading.

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The French Bistro Chairs is a fantastic French bistro-style chair ideal for outdoor patios and indoor restaurants.
With their timeless look and attractive wicker weave, they are sturdy, stackable, and easy to clean. The aluminum
frame has an attractive bamboo finish. Available in a range of contemporary colors, they are the perfect way
to add classic Parisian style to any venue.

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Exquisite stainless steel coffee chairs are placed in the spacious open-air dining area. The design of these
chairs is simple and modern, and the luster of the stainless steel material blends perfectly with the natural
environment. With their smooth and comfortable lines, they add a touch of sophistication and style to the
dining area.

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How are the French bistro chairs produced?


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