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Chameleon Chair C

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In the Wedding products market, Stainless Steel Dining Chairs Wholesale is very popular since 2001, we can produce more than 1o designs of stainless steel dining chairs, also we can make steel chairs depending on your designs.  Widely used in restaurant and wedding party rentals, hotels, events places. Our stainless Steel Chairs are made of durable and strong #201 stainless steel tubes.

Main Features of Chameleon Chair C

  1.  Supply ability: More than 9000 pieces monthly
  2. Stackable or not: Both un-stackable or stackable depends on the customer
  3. Warranty period: 2 years
  4. Color Options: Gold, white, black, yellow, green, Rose Golden.
  5.  Seat cushion: 35-40 density spongy
  6. Finishing: Chrome finished
  7. Weight: Around 6.8 kgs
  8.  UV stable and anti-aging
  9.  standard material: UK(BS5852) and US(CA117)
  10. Bearing: More than 500 kgs
  11. Stainless steel + cover( PU/Velvet)
  12. Pass SGS quality inspection
  13. MOQ: 200 Pieces, sample order is accepted
  14. The package size is 105 x 77 x 45 cm for 6 pieces. per box 0.36 CBM so 320 pieces will be one 20 ft container.
  15. It can hold 500 chairs in a small cabinet without carton packaging.

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Stainless Steel Dining Chairs Wholesale from Qingdao Blossom furnishings, we do business for Stainless Steel
Dining Chairs Wholesale from 1998 and our products are most popular over the world.

Let us show you the details of our Stainless Steel Dining Chairs Wholesale as well following:

Firstly, please check the following nice pictures from different points of view, these gold chameleon chairs, we can
make no-stack able, also we can produce as the second line, stack-able. If you like the original design, you can choose
the first line, if you like to save space, or easy for transportation, you can choose stack ones as well.

Stainless Steel Dining Chairs Wholesale
If your chair is used in a fixed place, not often moved, or fixed in a cafe or hotel, you can choose a non-overlapping style.
If you need to move frequently and rent everywhere, you will most likely need some superimposed styles and a style
that can be disassembled for the seat bag to save space when transporting and storing.

Garden Chairs Wedding Manufacturer Gold Metal Chairs Wholesale Wedding Tables and Chairs Supplier

Normally all the stainless steel chairs including Chameleon Chair 1 production processing is very similar as follows:
1. Cutting material
2. Welding
3. Polished
4. Polishing
5. Packing cleaning
6. Gold plating

Regarding the cushion pads, we have the following processing:
1. Cutting plywood boards
2. Cutting sponge
3. Cutting fabric or leather
4. Seat Back Installation
5. Assemble seats

White Chameleon Chair Wholesale

These pictures show a very nice surface of the chairs, including the connecting parts, we do very well polishing work.

Iron Dining Chairs Manufacturer

From the very close pictures, you can see Stainless Steel Dining Chairs Wholesale very clearly.

We use full welding for the stainless construction, to ensure the strength of chairs, the thickness of the material is 
1.0 mm, and our workers polish all the chairs very smooth. So the next step, plating. We can do gold, silver,
and white colors.

Stainless Steel Dining Chairs Wholesale

Stainless Steel Tables And Chairs Manufacturers

Metal Restaurant Chairs Wholesale

We pay more attention to quality control including the following items:
1. Strict and correct size, we use computer control machines to cut material, so we can ensure exactly size.
2. Perfect welding works to ensure strong construction.
3. Skilled polishing work to make all the corners and space smooth.
4. Balanced plating work to make all the chairs with the correct colors.

Bulk Chameleon Chairs Wedding

Bulk Chameleon Chairs Wedding

Stainless Steel Chair Price

China Stainless Steel Chair Suppliers

Silver Chameleon Chair Wholesale

Chameleon Chairs Wedding Manufacturer

Stainless Steel Chair Manufacturers

Loading quantity:

Un-stackable chairs and stackable chairs are the same
350 pieces one 20 ft container, 750 pieces one 40 ft HQ container

Look at the following photos, After welding, our stainless steel chairs will be polished three times. After polishing, the
chair will enter the next process. The better the effect of electroplating and polishing, the better the electroplating
effect will be. We adopt electrostatic electroplating with uniform powder, The color is correct.

stainless steel gold chairs factory

How about quality control?

stainless steel gold chairs wholesale

Regarding quality inspection, we have dedicated QC personnel for inspection before and after electroplating.
Most of the chairs are not problematic. For minor defects, we will select them to ensure that the stainless steel
chairs received by customers are intact.

stainless steel gold chairs and tables

In the picture above, you can also see that we are also producing stainless steel tables. This table is called a bird’s
nest table. The color of the table can match the color of the chair.

stainless steel gold chairs and tables

golden stainless steel chairs

golden stainless steel chair

gold stainless steel chairs

Electroplating for chairs

electroplating for chair

Chameleon Chair Package

Usually, we take the approach of putting six chairs in a carton, stacking them on top of each other to save space,
so that more chairs can be installed. Below are the pictures of the carton and the dimensions of the carton.

metal dining chair

metal dining chair supplier

golden stainless steel chair package

golden stainless steel chair stackable

inner packing
In order to prevent the chairs from rubbing against each other and rubbing off the color, we carefully package
each chair individually to avoid friction.

At moment, the package size is 100 x 70 x 50 cm for 6 pieces.

packing size of box
Many customers who import and buy stainless steel chairs will also buy other products, such as arches, display
stands and other products, and we arrange the cabinets in an orderly manner.

loading for stainless chairs

loading container of steel chairs

As the ocean freight is too high now, our customers will use non-carton packaging. This not only saves space
but can also install a lot of chairs. If you don’t use a carton, you can hold 550 chairs.

chameleon chair

Although it is not packed in a carton, there is no need to worry about the chair being bumped and damaged.
Because our workers are professionally packed and professionally placed chairs. The chair will not be
damaged during transportation.

chameleon chair factory

Smooth polishing and tight solder joints to ensure the strength of the chair. Professional staff will try their
best to make them look smooth. It can be purchased together with our table. This way you can also save
time and receive the goods together.

gold chameldon table

Seamless welding allows the chair to have a perfect appearance, makes the chair frame stronger, and makes
the surface treatment more durable. The most important thing is that when used outdoors, rainwater will
not enter the chair legs and cause rust.

gold chameleon table and chair

chameleon chair and table factory

This is a photo of feedback from customers who received our tables and chairs. I am very happy to receive
our tables and chairs. The client immediately used these chameleon tables and chairs.

gold chameleon chair manufacturer

gold chameleon chair and table supplier

This is a boxing photo of the table and chair. The table and gold chameleon chair are placed apart.

gold chameleon chair package

Chameleon Chair Scene Picture

Our client opened an Indian restaurant in Chicago. They directly imported stainless steel glass mirrored
tables and stainless steel chairs. Not only did they save money, but they also customized the tabletops according
to their own colors. The client was very satisfied and sent videos and photos.

stainless steel chair

stainless steel chair and table

gold chameleon chair bulk

This is our UK customer who is very satisfied with our stainless steel chair after purchasing this stainless steel chair.
Also left us good reviews on our website. We will buy it back later.

chameleon chair


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