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Chameleon Chair A

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Welcome to check all the details of our metal Chameleon chair, our factory produce kinds of Metal Chameleon Chairs more than 9600 pieces monthly, we can ship the chairs from South of China or North of China, our group  has  difference warehouse and workshop, we have our quality control team to inspect all the chairs before shipment. We have more than 9 models of these Chameleon chairs, you can choose you like.

Main Features of our Chameleon Chairs:
Chair Size: W380*D440*H920 mm
1. Style: Stacking Iron Golden Chiavari Chair For Wedding
2. Metal antique and timber looking with comfortable foam
3. Tube size is 30×3.0mm
4. Can stack 8 to 10 pieces
5.  Painting or powder coating
6. Loading quantity: One 20 ft can load 350 pieces
7. Sample order or not: Sample order accept
8. MOQ: Accept wholesale business, MOQ is 300 pieces
9. Standard Fabric: UK BS5852 OR US CA117 Standard fabric
10. High density foam fixed cushion or removable pads
11. Lead time: 20 days around
12. Color options: Chameleon chair wholesale color: Gold, Silver, White
13. MOQ: 200 pieces.

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We are the manufacturer of metal chameleon chairs in China, and we do the business of chameleon chair wholesale
for more than 15 years. We producing kinds of metal Chameleon chairs and metal chiavari chairs as well now, we
just accept chameleon chair wholesale. MOQ is 200 pieces.

shiny stainless steel chairs

Size: W 380*D 440*H 920 mm

gold steel chairs wholesale

What is main style of your chairs model A?

gold steel chairs with white cushion



Can you match difference cushions for these chairs?

gold steel chair with white cushion steel chairs gold factory

The main points of our production processing:

1. Long welding finished

We have to say that our technical workers, especially the welding workers, generally have more than ten
years of working experience. They are not only skilled in welding, but also professional, without any omission.
Welding is a very important link in the production process of metal chairs. In this way, the white embryo of
the chair after welding is convenient for the next grinding work. If the welding is not good If so, it may cause
the difficulty of polishing and electroplating.


2. More clear and closed image for your inspection

Chameleon Chairs construction


Chameleon Chairs details

Chameleon Chairs A

100% inspection for all of our chair
We want to focus on the work of our quality inspection department. For these metal chairs, we have special
quality inspection personnel for each production process, from welding, grinding, electroplating, packaging,
shipping, to ensure the quality of each process is up to standard.

Chameleon chair wholesale

Design of our Chameleon Chairs:

This chair can be produced in slightly different styles, and some details can be slightly changed, such as the width
of the back, the spacing between accessories, etc. can be done according to the customer’s pictures and

Chameleon chairs wholesale

Our chairs can be electroplated in gold, rose gold, silver, white, black and other colors. At the same time, chairs can
be equipped with cushions, cushions, hard seat cushions of different colors, These cushions can be glued together
with or separated from the chair. They can be made according to the requirements of different customers. Of
course, the chair can also be produced into superposition style.

match items of gold chairs

These metal chairs are widely used in wedding companies to rent and use, usually with copper elements, so
stainless steel colors such as gold and silver are widely welcomed.

Gallery gold Chameleon Chairs


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