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Banquet Chair: A Complete Buying Guide

If you are an event planning company or a chair rental company, you must use all kinds of banquet chairs for weddings, parties, and big event decorations. Banquet chairs are widely used for weddings, conferences, parties, and so on, so there is a huge demand for them. So how to choose suitable banquet chairs for your event?

As a professional banquet chair manufacturer, we write a complete guide about banquet chairs. Read on to know more.

What’s a Banquet Chair?

Banquet Charis is designed for versatility and is a preferred seating option for large events held in conference rooms, hotels, weddings, event centers, restaurants, churches, and in party rental industries. There are multiple banquet chair dimensions and frames for an option that allows for easy addition to nearly every décor theme.

Banquet Charis

Types of banquet chairs

Banquet chairs come in different styles and materials to meet different needs.  Banquet chairs can be divided into wooden banquet chairs, aluminum banquet chairs, iron banquet chairs, stainless steel banquet chairs, and plastic banquet chairs as these chairs make a great addition to almost any venue!

Banquet chairs come in colors ranging from black, red, green, gray, blue, frame gold, silver, and white for upscale events or vivid primary colors to make a bold impact.

Banquet chairs are also lightweight, four-legged, easy to stack, or used as a folding chair without armrests which are popular for outdoor weddings and events.  Folding chairs are aligned in a similar fashion seen at a theater though more in a semi-circle, putting emphasis on the aisle at wedding ceremonies.  Folding stacking chairs offer excellent flexibility and easy storage.

types of banquet chairs

Applications Of Banquet Chair

Banquet chairs offer extra comfort and offer more padding and cushioning for a softer resting place while also offering more support for the lower back.  These chairs can keep guests comfortable for hours!  Our banquet chairs come in many shapes and sizes that pass the SGS test standard with 800 lbs. capacity.

The best quality of our banquet chairs is based on the machines we use to manufacture them, precise bending, and automatic welding which significantly increases the dynamic strength of the chairs.  To ensure the durability of the paint coating, we use a three-layer painting of the frame with environmentally friendly materials.  We use comfortable and durable seats in our banquet chairs. We create them from a heat-formed polyurethane foam that does not sag, remaining permanently high and resilient.

Applications Of Banquet Chair FromUK Bridal Directory

Where to Buy Banquet Chair Retails & Wholesale?

All of our banquet hall chairs are shipped directly from China as it is suitable for heavy hospitality use.  We provide high-quality banquet chairs at wholesale factory-direct prices with a minimum order of 200 chairs and we ship all over the world.

Banquet Chair Retails

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Most Popular 10 Banquet Chairs 2024

Here are the most popular banquet chairs that you need to know about:

  • Diamond stackable banquet chairs

Diamond stackable banquet chairs are popular for use at special events and parties.  It is durable, versatile, and elegant making diamond banquet chairs a perfect choice for event seating, traditional restaurant décor, and other commercial seating.

Diamond stackable banquet chairs

  • Resin Chiavari chairs

Resin Chiavari chairs are characterized by their vertical and horizontal bars.  It is made of high-density polyethylene, a plastic that is not known to leach harmful chemicals and doesn’t contain formaldehyde.


  • Sophia ghost chairs

Sophia ghost chairs are sturdy, durable, lightweight, and 17% wider than Victoria chairs.  It is made from polycarbonate that is weather and sun resistant.

Sophia ghost chairs

Belle epoque is a baroque-style polycarbonate chair that is available in several colors. This chair is made elegantly shaped, ornately designed, and suitable for indoor and outdoor events.


  • Victoria ghost chairs

Victoria ghost chairs are made of transparent colored polycarbonate and formed in a single injection mold.  It is stable, comfortable, robust, and weather resistant.  This Victoria ghost chair is quickly becoming a popular chair offered by rental firms for large events such as weddings for its indoor and outdoor use.


  • Bentwood chairs

Bentwood chairs are made by bending wooden rods into the required shape after they have been heated with steam.  They are known for their round backs, which make them a comfortable seating option. It is very popular in the United States, Europe, and especially in Australia.

Bentwood chairs

  • Wooden folding chairs

Wooden folding chairs are usually less expensive. This chair is simple, lightweight, easy to fold, and very high demand in the United States.

wooden padded-folding-stool-2

  • Resin folding Chairs

Resin folding chairs are made from ultra-strong resin that’s very lightweight and extremely strong.  The chairs are portable and fold compactly to transport.  Because the production cycle of plastic chairs is particularly within a short period of time, our factory can produce 30,000 to 50,000 chairs a month.

  • Wooden Bamboo chairs

Wooden bamboo chairs are widely used in a variety of events such as weddings, banquet halls, hotels, golf courses, and resorts.  These chairs are quickly set up and stack easily to be stored away until your next event.



How to decorate banquet chairs?

Banquet chair decorations generally from the following:

  • Equipped with suitable mats
  • Flowers
  • Silk scarfs
  • Ribbons
  • Balloons
  • Chair covers


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