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The Definitive Guide To Thonet Chair

The Definitive Guide to Thonet Chair

As the dominant element of furniture, tables, and chairs account for a high proportion in the entire furniture series.  Many chairs will be eliminated or replaced with new styles that are constantly produced.

What kind of chair can be popular for more than 100 years?  It still maintains a high status so far and mass production, whether it is past or present, is deeply loved by designers and people.

What kind of chair combines both simple and retro style?

This is the classic representation of the carved wooden chair ——Thonet chair series.

in the chair museum

I once visited the Chair museum in Austria and saw the original Thone chair. Today, I will give you a detailed interpretation of this series of chairs. I will take you to know more about the historical original Thonet bentwood chair and how to buy these chairs.

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1、What are the Thonet chair and its history

Thonet is always associated with bentwood.  When you search for bentwood chairs, many of the styles that appear are Thonet chairs. In fact, Thonet chair is the general term for a series of styles, but mostly classic styles.

thonet chair

Why are these curved wooden chairs called Thonet chairs?

The Thonet chair was designed by French designer Mike Sunner from  1830 to 1859.  After more than 20 years, the Thonet chair has the characteristics of craftsmanship, elegance, and smoothness in shape, but above all, is known for its strength and comfort. Most of the improved Thonet dining chairs are used in cafes, bedrooms, study rooms, living rooms, concert halls, wedding venues, and restaurants.

Thonet Chairhistory


2、The material of Thonet chair

Thonet chair series, the most common materials are the following three:

Type 1: Wooden Solid Wood Thonet Chair

Beechwood is mostly used as the raw material of solid wood, which is beechwood.

It originated in Europe. The earliest thonet chair manufacturer was built in a mountain in Poland. It is because it is close to the origin of beech and built in the deep forest. It is convenient to use wood. Beechwood is relatively easier to make the back curvature.

At present, the Thonet wood chair usually adopts the whole bending to make the back. The beechwood has a uniform pattern and can be made into various colors with open shadings, such as primary colors, walnut colors, fruitwood colors, etc., which are very popular among the public. At present, these wooden Thonet series chairs are widely popular in Europe, America, Britain, and Australia.

Wooden thonet chair

Type 2: Resin Thonet Chairs

With modern society, the demand for resin material is increasing and people are reluctant to have such excellent style.

The Plastic Thonet chair was born to achieve faster production speed and can also make a transparent effect that is crystal clear. The Thonet chairs are extremely modern.

Imagine a classic retro style that has been made into a modern style. It has a far-reaching significance and will certainly be passed on for a long time. In addition, the toughness and bending strength of the resin chair are also very good.

The modern thonet chair will be super strong and durable. Some medium-sized manufacturers can reach the production capacity of more than 350 pieces a day.

resin thonet chair

Type 3: Metal Material Thonet Chairs

With the help of these classic style chairs, people will also consider using metals as raw materials to produce these chairs, such as stainless steel, iron, or other metal materials to make them, so that they can be produced in small batches without being affected by mass production.

The metal texture and retro feel match this classic chair style of the last century, don’t have a taste. This puts high demands on the bending of metal pipes. Of course, the benefits brought by the use of metal materials are self-evident. They are strong and have a good bearing capacity. It is normal for a chair to weigh more than 260 kg.

metal thonet chair

3、How do you identify a bentwood Thonet chair

  1. As far as the refractory wooden Thonet bentwood chair is concerned, it generally comes from the following aspects
  2. The integrity of the seat plate. The seat plate of the wooden chair should be combined with solid wood plates and solid wood frames.
  3. The robustness of the link. In the link between the back and the seat plate, the tenon structure is adopted at the link between the front leg of the chair and the seat plate, and each link is fixed with appropriate hardware screws to ensure that the assembled chair is strong.
  4. Accessories integrity, do you have feet nails? Do well for chairs, four legs to be at a natural level, and equipped with rubber feet to prevent scratching the floor.
  5. Overall coordination Assembled chair, To do the overall test, whether to ride comfortably, back angle is reasonable, there will be no deviation, the overall proportion is appropriate.
  6. Weight-carrying test, the weighing test for normal chairs is static over 250KGS

wooden thonet chair

4、Application of Thonet chair

As for the use of the thonet bentwood chair,  it was a chair that was originally admired by the royal family, and later widely extended to the cafes of Vienna, from the royal nobles to the chairs of ordinary people’s homes, which can be placed on a way-bye chair in any corner of the world, from the nobles to the civilian, from manual production to machine quantitative production.

For more than 150 years, it sold more than 50 million chairs only Thonet chairs can be done. The chair family has an extremely wide range of use areas.   This series of chairs can be placed in the study, coffee shop, bistro, dining table, dining room, garden, living room, bedroom head, various concert halls, dance halls, wedding venues, various ceremonies, outdoor, indoor, etc.

application of thonet chair

5、2020 most popular thonet chair

So what are the most popular styles in the Thonet chair range?  Although every chair is classic, the popular styles are as follows:

Stackable Thonet Chair

  • Thonet Bentwood Chair No 14: Classic 14 chair tailored for cafes

14 thonet chair

  • Antique Thonet Chair No. 18

18 thonet chair

  • No. 9 armchairs

9 arm chair

Thonet chair No. 10 as well

No. 10 Wooden Thonet chairs

Thonet Rocking Chair

6、What you need to know when choosing thonet chair for your company

(1) Factory qualification and scale, to choose a larger scale and production qualifications of the factory or company cooperation for thonet bentwood rocking chair.

(2) If, as a company, you want to buy a lot of thonet dining chair, what do you need to know? What do you need to pay attention to?

(3) Production capacity, because the pace of production of thonet bentwood rocking chair is relatively slow, it is important to pay attention to the production capacity of the thonet chair company or factory, which does not affect the total production volume and delivery time.

(4) The quality, structure, and color control of the product, for the product’s firmness, color to be accurate.

(5) Thonet Chair Price, reasonable price, a suitable price, a reasonable profit margin will make your procurement process full of happiness.

(6) Transport capacity, can provide door-to-door, help customs clearance services, if you can choose the thonet bentwood chair suppliers that can provide door-to-door and helps customs clearance, is the most perfect thing.

(7) Communication ability, suppliers should actively help solve various problems, questions.

qc in factory for crossback chairs

Qingdao blossom furnishing has been committed to research, development, and production of the Thonet family, has been producing for more than 10 years, each month can be more than 3000 pieces of production capacity, products sold to Australia, the United States, Europe, and other countries, received the same praise from customers, welcome countries like Thonet bentwood rocking chair series of wholesalers, retailers to consult to buy.

A tribute to the classics!  The first heart does not change, always, pay tribute to the chair family in the classic —- Thonet series!



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