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A Complete Guide About The Phoenix Chair

A Complete Guide About The Phoenix Chair

In the past, the author has communicated with several outdoor wedding designers and articulating design aspects to create an extraordinary type of chair in addition to the traditional wooden bamboo chairs and wooden cross chairs. Many designers have collaborated to find a replacement for these two chairs and came up with the “Phoenix Chair”.

phoenix chair

To Which changed a significant amount of concept to the glamour and fashion of every wedding events and nuptial engagement celebrations of every culture different perspectives, as it makes its debut into the market, the “Phoenix Chair” sets the high standard and popularity of its use on this type of functions, many have dubbed to be the most elegantly crafted wedding event chairs.

And to enlighten further of the details of the “Phoenix Chair”, here are some of the great facts we would like to share with all future buyers as well as present owners.

What’s the phoenix chair?

Phoenix chair, named itself that characterized a legendary bird of an auspicious kind to the Chinese culture symbolizing “luck”.

phoenix ChinaThe Phoenix bird or “Fenghuang” as its local name in Chinese, with beautiful feathers and tails ensemble’s a  unique combination of colors that emphasizes a strong and powerful nature that many ancient Chinese beliefs to be the king of all birds or the God bird.

An animal that carries a variety of characteristics of other animals. A symbol of auspiciousness, love, eternal life, and great beauty.

Thus, to the Chinese legends, the Phoenix is the monument of imperial authoritarian power, very well known within the national culture of the great land of China.

It is also known as a tool of inspiration for a famous French designer crafting a chair derived out of the Phoenix exquisitely formed feather tails.

Upon the years later, many skilled designers have practiced the same concept and basis of interpretation to develop a similar style of Phoenix chair with different variations and color combinations based out of the Phoenix bird.

phoenix bird

Significantly enough, every Phoenix Chairs that was crafted by various makers leads to one specific meaning to its origination that comes from one great bird alone, and that is the symbol of “luck and fortune”

Phoenix’s corresponding word phoenix in English comes from Greek, which means red, red is the color of fire, because phoenix and fire have a deep origin, so phoenix is also often called fire phoenix.

Compared with the phoenix connotation in traditional Chinese culture, western phoenix emphasizes the beauty of its rebirth and resurrection.

In Western mythology, phoe-nix has the reputation of “undead bird” and “eternal life bird” and is a symbol of “eternal life and death”.

In Western culture, phoenix not only symbolizes “rebirth” and “resurrection”, but also represents beautiful things, even love.


2020 Popular Types Of Phoenix Chair

As the currently popular event chair style, phoenix chairs have a wide range of demands. Many weddings and hotels want to use new chairs to attract customers. The Phoenix chair attracts many people to like because of its unique shape. The current Phoenix chairs mainly have the following styles:

1、Classic Phoenix Chair, also known as the single fish chair.

This one is the most popular and is made of wood. Among them, white, washed white, limestone color is the most used on more than 45% of the occupancy. The wood color is also an extremely popular demand. This chair should be called the original version of the Phoenix chair.

phoenix chair

2、Wooden Pisces Phoenix Chair

On the basis of the wooden single fish phoenix chair, in order to increase the choice of patterns on the upper part of the chair, some manufacturers combined the Chanel logo to create a double fish style. The tops are like two fish tails intertwined.

phoenix chair

3、Resin single fish chair

Using grinding tools, one-time molding, or manufacturing various accessories by grinding tools, and manually assembled, this Phoenix chair greatly improves production and efficiency. It increased the diversity of colors, different factories also use the back Patterns, some of which use flat plates, and some will have grooves in the cross pattern.

phoenix chair

 4、Resin Pisces Chair

Similar to the wooden Pisces chair, except for materials use, the resin Pisces chair has the same external shape, but the resin material increases the selectivity of the material. You can use Pc or PP materials. For the choice of speed and color, resin should have more choices than wood.

phoenix chair

5、Wooden single fish bar chairs

In many bars, where bar chairs are of high demand. In order to effectively match the standard size Phoenix chairs, bar chairs will have a seat plate height of about 76 cm. which is also required for occasions. It has the appearance of Phoenix chairs. This where the bar chair started its debut in the production.

phoenix chair

6、Wooden Pisces Bar Chair

With the shape of the wooden Pisces, we moved this shape to the bar chair, and the Pisces Bar Chair was also born. These chairs of the same style form a detailed product series, which is convenient for designers to maintain the same style during design activities

barstools phoenix chair


Material Of Phoenix Chair

  • Wooden, more emphasis on primary colors
  • Resin, transparent
  • Metal black

phoenix chair

How to choose Phoenix chair?

How to judge whether a Phoenix chair meets the requirements? What are the standards of the Phoenix Chair?

phoenix chair

  • The load-bearing capacity is better, the general rule on Phoenix chair requires at least a load-bearing capacity of more than 250 kg
  • Strong bending strength, that is, when people sit back and lean back, the back of the chair will be sturdy.
  • The size should conform to the standard, and the size should be consistent between the chair and the chair
  • Color can be done accurately
  • Materials are made of strong wood elements

What you need to look closely when buying Phoenix chair Wholesale

  • Identify regular/irregular manufacturers or distributors
  • Check patent issues, whether it is specifically patented
  • Quality issues, especially product joints
  • Indicate whether you need to assemble, whether you have the personnel and ability to assemble

As a chair with a good meaning, the phoenix chair is very popular in the wedding market. Therefore, the sales volume of Phoenix chair is increasing year by year, and more and more wedding companies come to our company to order Phoenix chair. We hope this chair will not only bring good luck to the bride and groom, but also to your company.

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