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10 Popular Dining Table Styles Recommended For You


A dining room is the center space of every household. Therefore, look for the best dining table styles. Rather than choosing a simple dining piece, go for the stylish tables. Styling has a broad category that expands to the various features you must consider. The selection varies from its type to its color and seating arrangement. So, in this blog, you will get a complete guide on different types of dining tables. Let’s, begin with the topic.

Ten most exclusive dining table styles to choose from

Are you bored with the ancient wooden dining table with wide standard chairs? If yes, it is time to change your old dining table. Remember, you are not only about changing the dining table but modifying how the dining rooms appear. A little touch of the modern element can significantly change the outlook of the dining area. So, you can choose innovative and exclusive styles of dining tables.
Below you will find the ten most basic yet popular table styles. We will start with the basic designs and then move to the trending and innovative ones.

dining chair and table

The traditional rectangular table

What initial thought triggered you when you thought of a traditional-style table? It reminds you of the basic wooden rectangular shape table. To some extent, it is true because the table has heavy wooden planks fixed in a rigid shape. However, you will find lots of aesthetic involvement if you compare different types of tables. Usually, the heavy wooden chairs pair up with the table well. But you can even place the colorful or simplistic styled chairs along.


A round-shaped table

If you are looking for a small table that fits in the small dining room, go for a round-designed table. This particular style has the quality to adjust properly in small-sized rooms as well. Also, it makes it easier and more comfortable for everyone to sit together. It would turn out your experience beautiful. This type of dining table, among dining table types, is the best to consider.
The rectangular and square-shaped tables have specific positions for the chairs. However, when considering this style, you can pair the chairs in any sequence and preference. Hence, these styles of dining tables allow additional space for the seating arrangement. At a round table, everyone feels more integrated as everyone sits in the same style. No positions are on the table to determine who would sit where and where not.

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Pedestal style with heavy support

The types of dining room tables include pedestal-style tables. The table’s base is a solid pedestal that holds the entire table. However, you might find two pedestals for a single table. The best feature of this dining table style is the freedom of accommodation. Further, the table doesn’t have legs at its corner, giving it a modern outlook. Also, it allows you to pair any chair style with the table.
The styles of dining room tables include the round top, but sometimes its top could be rectangular. The advantage of this particular style is that it doesn’t come along the legs at the corner of the table. Hence, it gives ample space for seating. Also, it comes with a luxury look.

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Original farmhouse-style tables

The dining table style with natural elements is the farmhouse-style dining table. The table is mostly huge and heavier in weight. Similarly, the top of the table has a thick wood surface. It always gives the dining room a touch of aesthetics. Also, the wooden carving on the table surface is natural. Hence, the table could be used for years as it is durable and lasts long.

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The most functional trestle-style dining table

The most popular dining table styles include trestle-style tables. The origin of the table belongs to the American continent, where people used to style their dining tables like this. The top of the table consists of a wooden plank. Below the plank, you will find two supports, also called trestles. Also, the trestles link together with a horizontal beam of wood. It gives the table an overall classic look.
You can customize it in many ways. Hence, the trestles provide a great level of stability to the table. You can easily use it to cater your parties and dinners. The table allows you great leg space. Styling the table with vintage or bright colors is a choice. You can add any color to the table.

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The industrial-style tables with the latest approach

The modern dining table styling includes industrial-style tables. If you are fascinated to find a table containing bits of wood, metal, or glass, then look for the industrial style. It is a composed style and shape of the table that enhances the elegance of a dining table.
Usually, it comes with a wooden base, but the bottom of the table is unique. Smart and sharp metal rods give the bottom fixture the strength to hold the table. With style, the table promises to provide stability. Further, you can match the table with wide-leg chairs with rod legs. The overall design of the entire set produces elegance and simplicity simultaneously.

metal tolix table and chair

Cross-leg style dining table

Opting for the latest design in the dining room table styles is what you might be looking ahead. Therefore, choose the table with cross legs body. The base of the table has an x shape of legs. However, the top of the base can come in wooden or any other material. Also, the base can vary in terms of shape and dimensions.
The table has the perfect aesthetic and decorative look that comes under the dining table styles. You won’t have to place other decorations on the table as it is a complete decorative piece. You can further associate it with architectural design.

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The all-rounder extendable dining table

If you want customizability and a modern touch, an extendable table meets this requirement. Customizability here refers to the variety that you can add to this table. From the tabletop to its bottom, you will find various options to style it. You can add extra features for your convenience. The folding option on the table makes this style unique. How to style a dining table, then go with this particular style.
Dining table styles provide many features for the top of the tables. Styling the table is always fun. Moreover, the table allows you to accommodate extra people.

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Smart style with Scandi-style dining table

One of the trending table types includes Scandi or Scandinavian styles. These dining room table styles are functional. It delivers the perfect designs. Also, this table comes with a simple design that provides elegance. The table comes airy style, giving the overall style and airy outlook. Similarly, the Scandinavian table designs are iconic, always inspiring people to look for their modern designs.

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Modern-style dining table with minimal designs

If you are exploring dining table styles, choose the modern style. This particular style involves a minimalistic touch of design with symmetrical features. Although the styles used are minimal, it give the table a modern outlook. The designs used for the table include innovative features that inspire everyone to look forward to it. Sometimes, the entire table is wood-made; other times, it might have a metal structure.

What features let you choose the right style for the dining table?

Choosing the right dining table is no bigger than a challenge. A dining table not only means a place to sit and eat together but is something more than that. The style, capacity, outlook, and sturdiness are some features that need proper research. If you are looking for different types of tables, look for these elements. Every feature brings ease for you to select the right kind of table.
The following is the list of features; let’s go through them.

  • Size

How to style a dining room table? It involves perfect size. Size always plays a pivotal role in the selection of the dining table. As you know, a dining space should be a place for relaxation, so you need it to have ample space. The size of the table should always meet your requirements. The dimensions include the seating area in addition to the table size. If the table congests the food space, picking a table like that is not feasible.

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  • Shape

The most modern feature of the table is its shape. The table’s shapes vary from round to rectangular, and so on. So, pick a style that matches the interiors of the dining area. The shape of the table should be easy in the dining room.

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  • Material

To differentiate the different types of tables, the material of the table matters a lot. Every material has specific features and qualities. Similarly, you come across various materials, from traditional wood to aluminum and glass material. Whatever material you choose reflects a modern touch to the dining table style.

acrylic dining chair

round mirror dining table

cocktail table

round half moon dining table

  • Colors

One interesting feature you should consider is the color of the dining table. You can match the table with the interior of the dining area. If the interior has the theme of pastel color, then choose the dining table with a similar theme.

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The versatile dining table styles always help you select suitable dining tables for your home. Every style is unique in terms of outlook, structure, and features. Therefore, decide following your requirements.

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