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Cross Back Chairs Manufacturing

Wooden Cross Back Chairs Manufacturing Process-Step By Step

A good chair production is inseparable from a team of professional technicians. We are a wooden cross back chairs manufacturing factory that has been engaged in carpentry making chairs for more than 20 years. We started from a small workshop of five to six people. After years of growth and training, we now cover an area of 20,000 square meters with a large team of more than 100 professional technical workers. There are more than 30 specialized equipment for automation and semi-automation. We uphold the concept of quality first, customers first, so that every cross chair wholesale we create is screened and strictly controlled, cooperated by a professional logistics team, and finally delivered to customers in a safe and timely manner. Below we introduce the wooden cross-back chairs manufacturing process:

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Step 1. X Back Chairs Material Selection.

For cross-back dining chairs wholesale, we have two different types of materials such as oak cross chairs and beech cross back chair, according to the actual requirements of customers. We prefer non-knotted and non-cracked materials, commonly known as aniseed materials. After we purchase an aniseed material, we cut and choose the material according to the size of our wooden cross back chairs manufacturing factory. Moreover, we directly purchase the semi-finished material that has been cut and formed and buy it according to the specific size we provide to the supplier.
Material selection.

Step 2. Cutting Process

We cut different plates into corresponding sizes to facilitate subsequent processing into corresponding accessories. The long parts will be cut to make the back legs of the cross back chairs wedding. For particularly thin sheets, it will be processed into wooden cross-sections. Some particularly small wooden blocks will be placed on the four corners of the seat.
Cutting Process

Step 3. Preliminary Machining

Preliminary machining focuses on the front and back legs and the prototype of the dock. The two important components of the cross back bentwood chair are the back legs and the back dock. We have strict production processes. Inside the machine, round rods are then produced for easy cooking and bending. The X back part of the chair usually has two types of curved solid wood and solid wood.
Preliminary machining

Step 4. High-temperature Cooking

The process of making the camber of the wooden X-back chair back leg and the dock of the wooden chair back is almost the same. It is necessary to cook at a high temperature first to make the wood soft and suitable for the camber in a short time. Generally, the cooking time is more than 20 minutes.
High-temperature cooking

Step 5. Abrasive Tool Bending And Drying

Our skilled workers will put the softened wooden stick on a special metal mold, fix it with metal locks according to the degree of curvature, and put it in the high-temperature kiln for approximately 72 hours so that it will not be easy after the wood becomes the required degree rebound.
Abrasive tool bending and drying

Step 6. Sculpting

The official launch of the terminal machine processing, and sculpting, is in line with the back of the human body. Wooden cross chair back dock. The machine is engraved at one time and the data collected by the CNC machine makes all the docks produced in the same size.

Step 7. Cross Back Seat Plate Processing And Seat Plate Type

The thickness of the plate is 3.0 to 3.5 cm. The initial processing is made of solid wood. The seat of the cross back wood dining chairs are divided into:
● a. Cold-pressed seat plate: The seat plate completely covers the seat ring, and the multi-layer board is fixed on the seat ring with nails, and glue, and pressed with a cold press for more than 12 hours to fully shape and fix it.
● b. Built-in type: The seat surface is inlaid at the inner ring of the seat, and there is decoration between the seat and the seat surface. Craft sewing. At present, the proportion of the seat plate style in our order exceeds 60%.
● c. Hollow: This seat is hollow and suitable for rattan seats or other soft surface cushions. The advantage is that the cushions can be interchanged.
Seat plate processing and seat plate type

Step 8. Bending Brace And Material

To strengthen the structure of the provincial cross back chair, we use four bending braces for each chair. Generally, there are two kinds of bending brace materials. One is cut from multi-layer boards formed at one time, and the other is soft and tough. Moringa is made by heating and cooking, shaping, and drying of abrasive tools. These two materials can be selected and used according to customer requirements.
Bending brace and material

Step 9. Drilling and assembly

We have a full-time experienced technical worker responsible for punching and assembly. Before and after assembly, we must perform a screening comparison of the front and rear legs. The screening comparison mainly focuses on the angle and material. The pair with the same angle is selected for the assembly. The x back dining chair, whether it is the elevation angle of the chair or the distance between the legs, is more standard and more comfortable to sit.
Drilling and assembly

Step 10. Level The Four Legs.

In the leveling process, we use two processes: machine and manual. These processes help to level the four legs of the x back chair to ensure that the chair is more stable and safe after landing.
leave 4 legs

Step 11. White Embryo Chair Repair Polishing

After the assembly, the white stubble chair will go to a special repair and sanding area for the first manual sanding and process repair. For cracks or small flaws, we still use wood flour and glue to repair, so the repaired wood is as perfect as before and stronger. The overall chair must be polished carefully.
White embryo chair repair polishing

Step 12. Primer Bottom Painting Wipe Color or Spray Paint

At present, the wooden cross back chairs for sale are spray-painted and half-stained. The spray paint will cover the wooden texture, and the color is mostly on the wooden texture. You can see the texture of the original wood. To maintain the natural color, we usually rub the color twice and then spray varnish again.
Primer bottom painting wipe color or spray paint

Step 13. Secondary Polishing

Like other wedding chairs such as wooden Chiavari chairs, after the first spray painting, experienced sanders will polish the chairs.
Secondary polishing

Step 14. Second Primer

In this step, we will carry out the second primer spraying or rubbing. This is the same as the first primer, and the thickness of the paint is the same as the first one. After the second primer is waiting to dry, we will sand it again making sure that the surface painting is easy to attach and clean.
Secondary polishing

Step 15. Topcoat Spraying and Drying

Next, we will have the surface paint of the paint twice. After the surface paint is completely dry, we can prepare for the next step. Generally speaking, winter paint will dry very slowly. However, sometimes our automatic drying equipment and the indoor heating device may affect this, as the paint drying speed in winter is still much slower than usual. All experienced customers generally arrange their orders early before winter comes.

Step 16. Install a Non-slip Pad Slider after Passing The Inspection

After the chairs are finished, our quality inspection staff will check them one by one and find that they are slightly defective. We will repair and arrange them, and then our workers will install non-slip mats.
Install non-slip pad slider after passing the inspection

Step 17. Single Chair Packing

Next, we will pack individual chairs into suitable cartons until the container arrives and is shipped. Our cross chairs are exported to dozens of countries.

Have you got the whole production process of cross-back chairs manufacturing? If you want to know more about our wholesale cross back chair for sale, please click here to get the details.

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