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Material Of Chairs And Tables For Event

When we witnessed one perfect wedding, we were overwhelmed by the various chairs and tables at the wedding venue.  The wedding company provided different styles and colors of tables and chairs based on the various wedding styles, with different decoration accessories. It brings the whole ambiance is a bright and elegant phase, exemplifying simplicity of some kind and complexity with luxurious styles that are adaptable to every wedding environment and venue. At Blossom Furnishings we interpret the details about the material of chairs and tables for events.

Material Of Chairs&Tables:

Locust wood:

A typical version of the American bamboo chair made of beech wood, also known as an English bamboo chair. The texture is straight and uniform with strong corrosion resistance and tight nail-holding grip capability. Strength quality is moderate to medium and carries good stability. This bamboo type of chair is popular for its hardness and bending strength which makes the hind leg camber easy to integrate. Robinia and Locust are its English version names. Sophora is the Latin version name. The color is yellow, clear texture and straight body form This type of wood material has an air density of 0.7g – 0.9g/cm3 which gives this chair to have a strong compression with tensile abilities having a high flexibility strength that will not crack or suffer deformation. The eucalyptus wood is known for its oily contents that stand a strong resistance to corrosion and insects, is easy to process, and aging performance that lasts a lifetime. (See picture below)

locust tree wood


The most widely used beech wood type that ensembles our American and English bamboo chairs, folding, and cross chair types. It is also known as Danish beech and French beech (named after the place of its origin). The heights of This tree typically are up to 30 meters high. In the jungles typically at 18 meters high and mainly produced in continental Europe and the United Kingdom. Other large producing countries are Ralph, Austria, France, Czech Republic, Romania, Germany, Denmark, and Poland.  Most imported sold in China’s domestic timber market are imported, and the production areas are Europe and North America.  The wood properties are stable and belong to medium and high-grade furniture materials.  The characteristics of eucalyptus are heavy, heavier than most trees, sturdy and durable, and strong impact resistance.  The eucalyptus has good toughness under steam and can be made into various shapes. The wood is hard, the texture is clear and uniform, the color is soft, wear-resistant, and lustrous, it is not easy to be deformed when dry, and the processing, finishing, and gluing are better.  Disadvantages of beech furniture: easy to crack, cracks are easy to occur when the furniture is processed dry. In addition, the advantages of eucalyptus also have good load-bearing performance and good pressure resistance and is often used in ships, buildings, and bridges. For home furnishings, furniture, wooden doors, floors, handicrafts, etc…  Our company uses the advantages of eucalyptus it processes beautiful patterns to make a bamboo chair, folding chairs, and cross-chairs type (See picture below)


Solid Bentwood

A curved type of wood that ensembles the Napoleon Pier castle chairs. Solid wood carved wood is widely used on curved shape furniture, such as the curved part of the folding chair, the curved part of Napoleon, and the castle chair, the solid wood meandering usually consists of many layers of solid wood veneer passing through the hot pressing machine, pressed together that results to different arc shape that does not rebound back.

solid bentwood chairs


The Thonet chair introduction to our ash wood type: Ash is a Dicotyledon type of plant with a similar appearance to European eucalyptus. The distribution comes in Europe, Russia, North America, and other places, China’s Ashwood is basically imported, ashwood logs are suitable for making furniture, easy to cut tool processing, polishing, anti-corrosion, compression strength, static bending strength with maximum tensile strength  Ash is mainly used for luxury furniture. Beautiful in appearance, with good gloss, the surface texture is clear and visible.  Moreover, ash furniture has high strength and heavy load-bearing.  Ash is also used in the production of Thonet chairs. (See picture below)

wood frame for louis chairs


Before the birch was used in the folding chair-making process, the birch was more seasonal, and it was best to harvest in the autumn. The birch wood is mainly imported from Russia. Under the premise of good materials, we utilize this to make wooden folding chairs.



Rubberwood is generally imported from Thailand and is the main source of our Louis chairs. Rubberwood belongs to the genus Euphorbiaceous.  These woods are tall trees, with milk in the skin, and there are more than 20 kinds of species.  They are native to South America, cultivated in tropical regions of Southeast Asia, and a type of rubberwood in southern China. The commodity materials of this genus can be called rubberwood is lighter in material, prices are lower.  Widely used for the Louis chairs border and has a better link to various accessories.

rubber wood material


It’s not rubberwood, oak is a durable heavy type of wood.  Red oak is mainly produced in North America, Europe, Turkey, etc.  White oak is mainly from Asia, Europe, and North America.  The Appearance of the white and red oaks doesn’t have much insignificance except for the color itself Oak has a very good pattern, generally used for primary color furniture, like the oak cross chair that is exported to the United States, Britain, and Brazil.

oak wood


in order to pursue price concessions, a domestic local wood can replace the elmwood cross chair type. This wood is relatively light in weight and soft in texture and it is good in dry weather.

elm wood

Rattan Wood

Mainly used to produce cross-chair rattan seats.  And we use high-quality rattan seats for cushions.

rattan material

Bamboo Wood

The bamboo wood folding chair material used is from the high-quality bamboo trees grown in Southern China. Bamboo is tough and strong, waterproof used for both indoor and outdoor with primary nature and colors. Simplicity defines its color patterns.

bamboo folding chairs wholesale

Multi-layer Wood

Use for regular plywood folding table that consists of 11 layers of solid wood veneer pressed together, the thickness is about 17mm, easy to cut, easy to mold, easy to carry and lightweight. The price is very reasonable.

Multi-layer wood table

Solid Pine Wood

Used for our farm table with 100% solid wood, good pattern, aromatic scent, and anti-corrosive resistance.

solid pinewood


  1. Naturally colored pine with a clear and beautiful texture
  2. Simple looks shape with full solid lines visible.
  3. Practical and durable.
  4. Elastic and malleable, good thermal conductivity, and easy maintenance of pine wood furniture selection. The design and manufacture of pinewood adaptable to forest wood species. Pine has a long growth cycle with fine annual rings, flexible wood texture, low oil content, and a uniform distribution of its yin and yang colors. In addition to these advantages of the material itself, the furniture manufacturer controls the dryness of the material very strictly, requiring a moisture content of no more than 10%.  All materials are stored in a constant humidity warehouse facility before production.  Therefore, our farm table is made of imported Russian pine or fir.  The whole process guarantees durability.

Polycarbonate Material

  1. The characteristics of this material are produced, strong, transparent, and durable.
  2. High strength and elastic modulus, with a wide temperature range, High transparency, and free of dye.
  3. Low molding shrinkage and good dimensional stability.
  4. Good resistance to fatigue.
  5. Good weather resistance.
  6. Non-electrically conductive characteristics.

color of resin chiavari chairs_

Performance Level:

  1. Mechanical properties are high strength, fatigue resistance, and dimensional stability, the gradient is also small (very little change under high-temperature conditions)
  2. Heat aging resistance enhanced UL temperature index reaches 120-140 degrees (the outdoor long-term aging is also good)
  3. Solvent resistance: no stress cracking;
  4. Water stability: It is easy to decompose when exposed to water at high temperatures (use caution in high temperature and high humidity environments)
  5. Electrical performance.
  6. Insulation performance: Excellent in wet locations (wet, high temperature can also maintain stability, electrical performance, the ideal material for the manufacture of electronic and electrical parts)
  7. Mold: Has the ability for injection molding or extrusion of ordinary equipment.


This material is good in transparent products.  It can only be used as a solid color, but the price is reasonable and better firmness

Throughout the specified details above, we hope to have elaborated clearly on our product specifications for your distinctive selection to help you choose the right styles and configurations that fit your needs. Should you require further details and information about our products, please check out  our web page at


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