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Farmhouse Table

Farm Table Order Guide-Blossom Furnishings

As we all know, before the farm table became popular, people mostly used regular plywood banquet tables, plastic banquet tables, and even stainless steel tables. Just as every era has several popular chairs, so does the table. This type of table is called a farm table because it was originally used for farm-themed weddings and wedding scenes with barn decorations.

wooden farmhouse folding table

In recent years, whether it is the domestic market or importers such as the United States and Europe, there has been a strong trend from conventional tables to farm tables. Farm tables, with their sturdy quality, simple style, and diverse styles, whether it is There is more choice in color selection and usage scenarios.

At the same time, we feel a sharp increase in the number of export orders for farm tables, so the author organizes the following articles on some topics such as farm table materials, production techniques, popular styles, and procurement points:


  1. What is the material of the farm table?

At present, various manufacturers and manufacturers mostly use the following materials to produce such rough and rustic farmhouse tables, which mainly include pine, Russian pine, New Zealand pine, spruce, or oak.

farm table

Farm style dining table

Because of the different costs, this type of wood has relatively moderate hardness and does not belong to a cork, so it is not so difficult to carve the shapes of many table legs. At the same time, the wood itself has a natural fragrance, and the wood patterns are large and small, which are more beautiful.

Moreover, these woods are easier to wipe color, and the performance of color absorption is better. No matter what kind of paint process it is, the final table product will show a natural pattern, which is why many consumers like to buy it.

2. What are the styles of farm tables?

After a simple investigation by the author, there are many styles of this type of table on the market, there should be more than 50 styles, or even more. In order to facilitate the distinction and memory, we can divide the table into the following categories according to different classification standards.

  1. Classification by shape: According to the simple shape classification, the farmhouse tables include round tables, square tables, rectangular tables, and oval tables, etc. Different owners can choose different shapes of tables according to the area of the venue and their own design schemes

farmhouse table

  1. Classification according to whether it is superimposed or not: The most basic traditional farm table is the original popular style with superimposing function. The biggest advantage of this kind of superimposed style is that it can be folded at any time for easy transportation back and forth, and saves space when storing. The corresponding one is called the integral model, which cannot be superimposed. It is widely used in fixed places and will not be moved around frequently.

solid wood dining table


  1. According to disassembly or not:

According to disassembly or not, we divide it into disassembly and assembly.

Under the situation of high shipping costs, many farmhouse tables are produced in disassembled styles. After receiving the various parts, customers assemble them according to the assembly instructions.

The volume of the disassembled products is half or even less than the original. , which greatly saves the transportation cost. The assembled model is suitable for those styles that need to be nailed or glued, or those that are easily deformed by loose parts. We must assemble them all before shipping. If the buyer has his own team of workers, the farmhouse table with the detachable style can be preferred.

farm table

farmhouse table


  1. Adult or not according to the age of use: adult and child models

Regardless of the material of furniture, chairs, or tables, as long as there are adult models, there are generally children’s models corresponding to them.

The farmhouse table is no exception. These children’s series of reduced length, height, and width are used on different occasions and are very popular among children.

In fact, when the children’s version is produced, the requirements for material selection, size control, and safety are more stringent and meticulous.

farm table

Farmhouse outdoor table

  1. Distinguish by weight: light model + super bulky model

Normally, due to the thick material and large size of these wooden farm tables, the final total amount is more than 30 kilograms, or even more than 50 kilograms. They are very explained and high-quality and are very popular in Europe and the United States and other countries.

There are also customers in some countries, such as the United Kingdom, Australia or New Zealand, under the premise of ensuring quality, they require the weight of the product to be reduced as much as possible, so as to be light and convenient during transportation.

farm table

  1. Distinguish by height: bar table + regular + low table

According to the height, conventional farm tables are generally 76 cm high, which is often referred to as 30 inches. This is also the normal height of general tables, and most of the farm tables are this height. The height of the bar table is 105 cm and 115 cm, while the height of the low table is generally 43 or 45 cm.

farm table

farmhouse table


farm table

  1. According to the size: regular size, lengthened section, mini section, combined section (round + strip)

According to the size and length, it can be divided into regular sizes, such as 180 cm, 220 cm, or 244 cm, which are all regular sizes. In addition, for the needs of many scenes, some extended tables over 380 cm were born.

These tables are linked together through different linking devices to become extra-long tables. The last thing to talk about is the mini size, some tables with a length of less than 76 cm are called mini size tables.

farmhouse table farmhouse table

farm table

farm table


At the same time, designers and wood products technicians from various countries will also design more solid wood tables. The factory can process according to the drawings and photos, so as to enrich the styles of such tables. For the wooden farm table, the processing space and customization in the later stage will be more expansive!

3. What are the dimensions of the farm table?

The farm table round table has a diameter of 152 cm, a diameter of 183 cm, and the long table has a variety of lengths from 122 cm, 152 cm, 183 cm, 220 cm, 244 cm, etc. It can also be customized according to customer requirements, and the appropriate number of chair seats can be arranged, through the table below, you can clearly see the various sizes.

farmhouse table farmhouse table farmhouse table farmhouse table farmhouse table farmhouse table

farm table farm table

4. What are the colors of the farm table?

The color of the wooden farm table can be made into different colors according to the needs of customers, and color customization is welcome, from regular primary colors, from light to medium to dark, almost any color can be obtained on the table reflect.

farm table

As for how the various colors of the farm table are made, the normal channels are divided into rubbing and spraying. Generally speaking, the primer part will have a good effect by rubbing, while the topcoat will be sprayed. By statistics, most paint effects are matte and dark

farm table

farm table

Don’t forget to mix colors (two or more colors per table)

In many cases, mixed-color tables are also very popular. For example, the table top is primary color and the legs are white, or the table top is white and the legs are brown. In short, it can be done according to the needs of customers and the designer’s ideas. The table produced in this way is also very good and very popular.

farm table

It has to be said that the color of many tables is required to be the same color as the matching table. This is a very sensible and scientific approach. A set of farmhouse dining tables and chairs that match the same style can always leave a deep memory.

5. Where is the farm table used?

So what are these beautiful farm tables used for? According to the buyer’s survey, the use scenarios of this type of table mainly include the following:

  • Outdoor Riverside

farm table

  • Country Club

farm table

  • Large or Small Farm

farm table

  • Barn wedding

farm table

  • Vineyard

farm table

  • Golf club

farm table

  • Indoor restaurant

farm table

  • Outdoor garden venue

farm table

  1. How is the farm table produced?

How to produce? Let’s talk about how to produce and manufacture farm tables. You can learn more about the process according to the relevant production videos. No matter what shape or color the table is, it is basically carried out according to this production process.

Not complicated. However, in order to do a good job and control the quality, many details also need to be strictly checked. In each production process, we list the quality control points correspondingly, which also helps us to select and check the quality of the farm table.

  1. Solid wood splicing:

The tabletop of this type of table is relatively large. If the entire solid wood board is directly used, the cost is relatively high, and the table top is easy to crack. The best way is to use solid wood jigsaw panels to make the tabletop.

Most of the materials are dried by kiln equipment, and the moisture is controlled at 8-11% so that even if the moisture is regained, the moisture is still in the acceptable range and will not cause the later deformation of the board.

wooden material

farmhouse table material

wooden farmhouse table material

  1. Cut the spliced plates

The spliced boards are linked by glue and compressed by the piecing machine to become a solid whole board. Then we will cut the entire sheet, and use the cutting machine to cut the entire sheet to the appropriate precise size, ready for the processing of each part in the next step.

farmhouse table

  1. Parts processing (including leg carving)

The important part of the farm table is composed of the table top, table legs, and link hardware. It is the table legs that are more responsible for the processing. At present, the more popular and rigorous production process is the computer-controlled carving of wooden legs. Whether it is a simple square leg, or a complex cylindrical or gourd-shaped wooden leg, as long as the graphics and precise numbers are input, the leg shape produced will be exactly the same. The table top is cut and assembled by hand.

wooden farmhouse table leg machine

wooden farmhouse table leg

farm table

  1. Grinding of table parts

A very important part of each component before painting is to be sanded. The main purpose of sanding is to make the painting uniform and the paint adhesion good. If the sanding is not good, it will seriously affect the effect after painting, so the whole wood In the production process of finished furniture, sanding is very important. Grinding is also divided into machine grinding and manual grinding. Large surfaces can be quickly ground by machine, and corners or places that cannot be easily ground by machine can be ground with manual sandpaper. As for how many grams of sandpaper and how many times, each Products have different standards.

farmhouse table

farm table

  1. Parts rubbed or painted

After all the parts of the farm table are cut, assembled, and polished, the painting process begins. The paint is generally divided into two different methods: rubbing and spraying according to customer needs. The wiping process is widely used in the production of farm tables, and it is mostly used for the treatment of the bottom paint. An experienced painter first adjusts the background color of the paint, and uses a rag to wipe the paint. This process can ensure that the color of the paint can be It penetrates into the wood, the paint has strong adhesion, and the sea can realize the original texture of the wood. Usually 2 coats of such primers are required, with a simple sanding between the two primer coats. to ensure even paint. The topcoat, which is the top layer of paint, will be spray-painted. Whether it is matte paint or glossy paint, the top layer of paint plays the role of final sealing. And whether it is machine painting or manual painting, we must ensure that the surface paint is even.

farm table

farm table

  1. Paint drying process

After painting each loose part, the paint needs to be dried before proceeding to the next assembly procedure. The paint drying procedure in different seasons is different.

If it is spring, summer and autumn, the climate is relatively warm, and the method of natural drying can be adopted. Please note that it is not drying, if it is in direct sunlight, it is easy to dry too fast and the paint surface will fall off. In winter, because the temperature is too low, the paint will dry very slowly in the natural environment, or even cannot be dried.

At this time, adjust the indoor temperature to a suitable temperature, whether it is heating, air conditioning or other heating equipment, the drying of the paint will be affected. play a very good role. Another very important point is that the paint room must be a dust-free space to prevent dust particles from falling into the paint and causing pollution.

farm table

  1. Component assembly

After the paint of the table top, table legs and other wooden parts is dried, the whole production process enters the whole table assembly part. The table top and table legs are linked together by different hardware or screws, whether it is folded or assembled, the assembly part is not difficult. As long as the holes for the screws are accurate, it can be done according to the standard.

farm table

  1. Finished product inspection and packaging

Before packaging, all finished products must be inspected for the last time. After checking the size, color, and color of some tables, it is confirmed that everything is correct before packaging. If QC finds that some products are indeed defective or wrong during the inspection process, they must repair or re-process them. Although the probability of this is very, very low, we must also conduct inspections carefully and strive to deliver the most perfect products to customers. superior.

farm table

The packaging of the farm table is divided into two ways, conventional packaging and carton packaging. Conventional packaging is to protect the table with cardboard to avoid bumps, and then wrap it with plastic wrapping film. The carton packaging can print the customer’s mark, which is more formal. You can see the picture below.

farm table

  1. Shipment

Whether it is sold domestically or internationally, it must be handled with care during the shipping process to prevent brutal transportation and bumps.

When the container is shipped overseas, we will carefully calculate the number of boxes and adjust the order of packaging, so that the container can hold as many tables as possible, and reasonable matching of tables of different shapes and sizes also requires great care and attention. Experience.

farm table

7. How to store, move and maintain the farm table?


The storage conditions need to be properly ventilated, the temperature is suitable, and fire prevention must be taken. In addition, the tables are stacked on top of each other, and the stacking height should not be too high to prevent falling. In the warehouse, try to separate the tables with some felt or other things. Prevent the iron on the table from scratching other tables.

farm table

Handling: Since most farm tables are relatively heavy and bulky, at least 2 people are required to carry a table when handling. It can be carried manually, most of the time, people need to use professional farm table carts, which can carry more than 8 tables at a time.

farm table


The maintenance of the table is very simple. In order to prevent moth-eaten, it is necessary to repaint the part that has fallen off after a few years. When wiping, try not to use corrosive liquids. Normally, the service life of a farm table will exceed 5. years or more.

Mastering the above basic principles of storage, transportation and maintenance can effectively improve work efficiency and product service life.

  1. How to match the farm table? What kind of chairs goes to match a farm table?

The chairs or benches below are usually perfect for a farm table, so let’s show the charm of these combinations with simple pictures! As for the color matching, it can be matched according to the customer’s own needs and hobbies. Of course, the number of chairs with different sizes of tables is also different.

  • Farmhouse table with bench

farm table

  • Round stool and farm table

farm table

  • Resin Collection and Farm Table

farm table

  • Industrial chair with farm table

farm table

  • Louis Collection with Farm Table

farm table

  1. What are the 10 most popular farm tables in 2022?

The ten most popular farm tables for 2022 are described below:

  1. Regular folding farm table

2. Folding farm table with rice legs

farmhouse table

3. Pagoda round farmhouse table

farmhouse table

4. Gourd strip

farmhouse table

5. Gourd bar table

farmhouse table

6. Long string gourd bar table

farmhouse table

7. X-leg regular round modern farmhouse table

Farmhouse table

8. Disassembly and assembly of the round table with legs

Farmhouse table

9. Simple Farm Table For Sale

Farmhouse table

10. Aruba Folding Square Farmhouse Table

Farmhouse table

10. How to find the right farm table manufacturer


It takes a lot of time, energy, and cost to find a suitable farm table manufacturer, but an excellent manufacturer will make your purchasing process smooth and happy. The main ways to find a manufacturer are as follows:

  1. Search by Google

Google is the fairest and most direct and most effective method. For example, after you are looking for wooden farmhouse table manufacture or wooden farm table manufacture, Google will give a lot of search results, and then we can filter in these search results, enter their website, and then Judge and contact purchases.

wooden farmhouse dining table


  1. Get to know more manufacturers through the exhibition

You can also find many corresponding suppliers and manufacturers at the world-renowned furniture fairs, such as the Cologne Fair in Germany, the Chicago Food and Beverage Fair in the United States, the Guangzhou Furniture Fair in China, the Shanghai Furniture Fair in China, the Las Vegas Furniture Fair in the United States and other well-known exhibitions. Many manufacturers and manufacturers participate in the exhibition, and it is also one of the good ways to have face-to-face communication and view samples.

farm table

  1. Field visit

Through some brand effects, after we know many well-known manufacturers, or recommended by our peers, we can directly contact the manufacturers for on-the-spot investigation, and see the actual production process and technology face to face, which is convenient for buyers to purchase efficiently.

  1. Procurement platform

For some small procurement activities, we make direct payment purchases through shopping platforms such as Amazon, which is very convenient, and this method can usually be used to buy stock.

I believe that through the above description, readers will get answers to many topics about farm style tables, including materials, usage scenarios, storage and maintenance, and many other questions. We have reason to believe that in the next 5-10 years in the trend of tables, farm tables will surely occupy the Very large proportion, hope more and more farm tables will decorate your EVENT.

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