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Dining Chairs

Things You Need to Know Before Buying Dining Chairs

Various surveys show that dining tables and chairs account for more than 35% of all furniture.

Whether it is large furniture stores, fairs, furniture exhibitions, or commercial and civilian furniture product series, dining chairs account for a very high proportion.

dining chairs

After a series of investigations and conclusions, the author now presents a detailed article on dining chairs, including the styles, materials, usage scenarios, production processes, the matching of dining chairs, and how to find suitable suppliers.

To readers, I hope to help more people in need, whether as a terminal consumer or as a wholesaler purchaser!

This guide will provide an introduction to dining chairs, and will cover the following:

  1. Types Of Dining Chairs

First of all, we will cover the styles of dining chairs:

Dining chair shape:

If each specific shape is counted as a style, we have reason to believe that there will be more than 10,000 styles of dining chairs. These styles include the works of some very well-known dining chair designers in Europe and America, as well as similar models.

There are also new products by young designers in the new era, so the names of many chairs themselves are named after the designers.

dining chairs

If it is simple to divide, we can divide the styles into dining chairs with armrests and dining chairs without armrests. This division will be simpler.

If divided according to the size, we can divide it into two types: adults and children. According to the ease of installation, it can be divided into disassembly and assembly dining chairs and fully assembled dining chairs.

dining chairs

They can also be divided into rotating dining chairs and fixed dining chairs, dining chairs with wheels, and dining chairs without wheels according to whether they can be rotated.

Dining chair style:

People like to divide dining chairs into various styles. Of course, some furniture styles are also mixed temperaments. In order to facilitate a greater understanding, we have included pictures and texts to distinguish various styles as follows:

  1. Nordic minimalist style

It is said that about half of the designers in the world come from Northern Europe.

This ratio may be relatively exaggerated, but it is precisely this point that shows that the design of furniture or chairs originated in Europe.

dining chairs

The European style represents simplicity to a certain extent, and the concept of smooth minimalism has led to some minimalist works. Simplicity is not necessarily simple, not necessarily crude; many are all plastic.

The classic styles of Nordic chairs are made of materials or all solid wood, and some have been popular for more than a hundred years and have been enduring for a long time!

  1. American Retro Industrial Style

Whether it is American or European retro industrial style, it is basically the evolution of the TOLIX CHAIRS series.

There are original versions, reduced versions, enlarged versions, and other versions. Different sizes, through these seemingly cold metals, seem to tell the vicissitudes of the years.

dining chairs

These highly industrial dining chairs are blended into the corresponding environment by designers, and some regular tables or bar tables are intertwined and are widely used in cafes, bars, hotels, and other occasions.

In terms of colors and accessories, the colors are mostly rust, retro, caramel, dark, and matte. During the period, heightened bar chairs and bar stools were also derived.

  1. British Solid Wood Classic Style

For a long time, the style of British furniture has a different style and feel from the American style and other European countries.

On the whole, British furniture is more strictly prohibited, square, and more focused on security.

dining chairs

This includes a large number of dining chairs, and many styles of furniture have been popular for decades and are still popular, such as classic evergreen trees, one table, and four chairs, horn chairs, Windsor chairs, etc.

It has always been representative of the classic style of solid wood.

  1. Italian Minimalist Style

Italy is a place rich in European design.

Based on the simple European style, some Italian dining chairs have taken a more minimalist path.

dining chairs

Of course, this does not hinder the unique style and irreproducible style of these dining chairs, and more importantly, even if this furniture seems to use very few materials, it does not affect their sturdiness in the slightest.

This may be extremely simple. The style of furniture includes the unique charm of the chair.

  1. Chinese Rattan Weaving Cool Style

Although rattan furniture did not originate in China, and many rattan chairs originated from European designs, this does not affect the position and proportion of the Chinese rattan series in the furniture industry.

For example, in the Southern Hemisphere, many popular rattan dining chairs, including Australia and New Zealand, are designed and produced in China, not to mention, the domestic demand in China is even more amazing.

dining chairs

The rattan chair is very popular because of its coolness and nature, giving people a comfortable and relaxing feeling. And it is easier to match colors and decorations and is widely used in different scenes.

  1. Modern Light Luxury Style

In the above paragraphs, we explained the simple styles and dark series of different countries and regions.

However, at the same time, many scenes also need some furniture and chairs that express luxury and extravagant styles.

dining chairs

And because of the selection of materials and the convenience of distinguishing the heavy feeling of ancient times, this type of chair uses lighter stainless steel or light metal in the material, and has the dual characteristics of lightness and luxury, so we call it a light luxury chair. In terms of appearance, the light luxury easy chair is mostly made of gold, silver, or a relatively beautiful color tone.

  1. Leisure and lively style

This type of dining chair gets rid of all kinds of rigid and serious constraints.

dining chairs

Whether it is in shape design or color selection, it is bold and lively, eclectic, and can instantly bring people into a relaxed environment, and in the choice of materials.

  1. Luxury dining chair

Especially those dining chairs that are complicated in processing technology, expensive to produce, or require special processes, resulting in high final sales costs and high prices.

dining chairs

Use scene graph:

All kinds of dining chairs are widely used in all places where you can eat because in terms of purpose, all chairs used for dining, whether for commercial or domestic use, indoor or outdoor use, are called dining chairs.

Our common dining chair usage scenarios are:

coffee shop:

dining chairs

School cafeteria scene pictures

dining chairs

Fast food restaurant scene pictures

dining chairs

Milk tea shop scene picture

dining chairs

Food stall

dining chairs


dining chairs

What materials are the dining chairs made of?

Facing the complicated decision of choosing dining chairs and various materials, how do we screen and purchase according to our actual situation?

Be sure to read the material analysis and introduction; it will be helpful. Each consumer can choose his favorite chair according to his own preferences.

Below we will introduce the various materials in detail:


  1. Solid Wood Dining Chairs:

All solid wood dining chairs are timeless classics. Many countries have restricted wood, resulting in a decline in production.

There is a more important reason: the wooden pattern is unique.

dining chairs

In many cases, plastic or metal is used. Unable to make realistic textures. In terms of reflecting natural colors, wooden materials have unique advantages.

  1. Plastic dining chair

The production cycle of solid wood dining chairs is sometimes longer and is affected by the seasons when the wooden chairs are produced in winter, the glue needs a suitable temperature, and when painting, the temperature is too low, which will affect the quality.

Plastic dining chairs can be produced very fast and can produce more colorful colors, as the styles are countless.

dining chairs

The plastic mentioned here is simply PLASTIC, ABS materials, and the like are different from PC materials, including PP materials, which are collectively referred to as plastics.

Plastic dining chairs are suitable for indoor use and are also widely used in many outdoor scenes because of their natural waterproofness.

3. PC dining chair

There is a type of dining chair with service life and toughness that far exceeds that of wooden chairs and plastic chairs. This type of material is PC.

Chairs made of PC are very tough and have high bending strength. The advantage is that they can be made of transparent colors. This is wood.

dining chairs

Materials and plastics are incomparable. With the birth of PC materials, many designers’ works and ideas have been realized, and a large number of transparent chairs have emerged.

A very big advantage of PC materials and plastic materials is that they can be reused and recycled materials.

4 All-iron dining chair

Now we introduce another kind of chair made of iron, which is the all-iron dining chair.

The birth of metal material is indeed a miracle. These chairs have a strong texture, sturdiness, and sturdiness. They are cut and welded into different shapes and styles, and the surface is mostly electroplated or powdered.

dining chairs

It is very popular in some dry climate countries in the Middle East or Africa, and the cost of iron is relatively cheaper than other metal materials, so the market is huge. The weight of the iron chair is relatively heavier.

If the user wants to choose a lightweight, he must consider other materials, such as aluminum alloy.

5. Aluminum alloy dining chair

Furniture made of aluminum alloy can be 30% to 50% lighter than furniture of the same size and the same style.

dining chairs

It is very light and easy to handle and transport. Another advantage of aluminum alloy dining chairs is that they will not rust. Generally speaking, the cost will be higher.

6. All stainless steel dining chair

 Many chairs that need to display luxurious colors and magnificent feelings need some stainless steel materials to achieve the effect.

The biggest feature of stainless steel is that it will not rust. Sometimes metal rust will affect the appearance and firmness.

dining chairs

Whether they are golden, silver, or white, those chairs make the dining environment shine. Another important advantage is that stainless steel dining chairs can vary in many styles and can be made into different shapes through welding and cutting of materials.

Stainless steel dining chairs can be made of pure stainless steel, or they can be made of stainless steel shelves, frames, leather or fabric cushions, and backrests, which increase the softness of this type of chair!

7. Bamboo dining chair

Dining chairs made of bamboo have several main characteristics.

One is that it is natural and environmentally friendly, but it can be made into various colors.

dining chairs

The third is that it can be rainproof and can be used indoors and outdoors.

8. Rattan chair

In 2021, among the world’s best-selling and popular chairs, the proportion of rattan chairs has increased significantly.

dining chairs

The increase in the proportion indicates that the recognition of this type of dining chair has increased. The rattan can be bent into various types due to its natural toughness Class shape.

Wicker chairs are characterized by breathable and cool air, and they are also a good choice for indoor and outdoor use.

Of course, there are more dining chairs with more material combinations as follows. We will not explain the characteristics of the materials one by one but just show you the corresponding product pictures, which are easy to understand.

9. Plastic and metal combination

dining chairs

10. Solid wood and fabric combination

dining chairs

11. Solid wood and leather combination

dining chairs

12. Metal and leather combination

dining chairs


13. Metal and fabric combination

dining chairs

14. Aluminum alloy and cloth sponge combination

dining chairs

15. Wood and rattan combination

dining chairs

16. Metal and rattan combination

dining chairs

Manufacturing Process Of Dining Chairs

How do you produce dining chairs? The production process of dining chairs

Here we focus on how to produce dining chairs and make a simple rationalization of the production processes of different materials.

This article will only outline the specific operations and implementation standards for each production process. Some previous articles have also mentioned it, so I won’t describe them all here.

The production process of a pure wooden chair

  1. Cut and Shape Wood

dining chairs

dining chairs

  1. Chair Assembly

dining chairs

  1. Painting Process

dining chairs 

dining chairs

  1. Package

dining chairs 

The Production Process of Pure Plastic Chairs

  1. Grinding Tool Installation

dining chairs

  1. Material Inhalation

dining chairs

  1. Heating Out Type

dining chairs

  1. Trimming Process

dining chairs

  1. Package

dining chairs 

Pure metal chair production process 

  1. Material cutting
  2. Assembly welding
  3. Polished
  4. Plating
  5. Assembly

dining chairs


10 Most Popular Dining Chairs in 2023

When we have to choose the ten most popular dining chairs that year from thousands of styles of chairs, it is extremely difficult. We can only choose from various angles of data, such as total sales, the proportion of usage scenarios, etc. From a perspective, the ten most popular dining chairs are as follows. You can see more detailed content and data through the link in the title:

Victoria Ghost Chairs

dining chairs

Transparent Resin Phoenix Chair

dining chairs

Light Luxury Chair

dining chairs

Horn Chair

dining chairs

Wooden Folding Chair

dining chairs

Rattan Back Dining Chair

dining chairs

Wire Chair

dining chairs

Resin Napoleon Chair

dining chairs

Bamboo Folding Chair

dining chairs

Wooden Children’s Dining Chair

dining chairs

10 of your favorite dining chairs in 2023

Compared with the most popular ten dining chairs, my favorite is the ten dining chairs with strong personal preferences and personal preferences.

More emphasis is placed on the editor’s own perspective, which is based on the perspective of an end consumer or the type of chair that has been brought into emotion by a certain chair. I think the following ten chairs are my favorite styles.

You can find out through the link in the title: more detailed data and information.

Crossback Chair

dining chairs

Wooden Louis Chair

dining chairs

Air Outdoor Dining Chair

dining chairs

Wishbone Dining Chair

dining chairs

Stainless Steel chair

dining chairs

Clear Resin Chiavari Chairs

dining chairs

Transparent Belle Epoque Chairs

dining chairs

Resin Stackable Thonet Chair

dining chairs

Resin Folding Chair

dining chairs

Metal Tolix Chair

How to find a reliable dining chair manufacturer?

So how do we choose long-term stable partners in the face of many manufacturers and manufacturers from all over the world?

When you are a wholesaler, importer, or end-user of furniture, how do you make your own choice?

Google search (at the moment of the epidemic, the Internet is the first)

dining chairs


When we are looking for a manufacturer or supplier, we are accustomed to going to Google to search;

for example, when we are looking for a wooden cross back chairs manufacturer, we will search, this word, we will find tens of thousands of search results for this term.

dining chairs

Of course, there are also many companies that have advertised and some sales platforms. There are also many manufacturers for us to choose from. We can even see videos and social media so that you can enter their websites for filtering.

Finally, make your own choice; this is a very good choice; after all, Google is fair; only good companies can enter a good natural position ranking.


There are countless exhibitions all over the world. Especially professional industry exhibitions are of great help to buyers.

guangdong foshan display room

The biggest benefit of the exhibition is to see the company’s strengths and actual samples and communicate with relevant personnel.

You can also go to the field company or factory to investigate and negotiate in conjunction with the exhibition.


When our purchase quantity is not very large, we can choose the platform to purchase, which is the best for some retailers. In addition, there are many manufacturers on the platform to prepare the spot and deliver on time.

In short, whether it is through Google search, platform procurement, or exhibition signing, the one that suits you is the best.

Through the above styles, materials, and craftsmanship of dining chairs, we also selected some classic styles, hoping to help everyone.

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