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Wooden Folding Chairs

Folding Chairs: A Definitive Buying Guide From Folding Chair Manufacturer

As a professional folding chair manufacturer and wholesaler with years of experience exporting our products, we are oftentimes received frequently asked questions about our folding chairs. Today we are fortunate to share with you some brief introductions, uses, and advantages of folding chairs.

If you are a rental company or event planner presently utilizing or is in the market to use our folding chairs. Questions about the choice of storage, transportation, and purchase of our most widely used folding chair among other chair companies, the following Article below will have the solution you need


Introduction About Folding Chairs

Folding chairs, because of the easy folding function during use, so almost most people see this type of chair as a folding chair.

wooden folding chair

These folding chairs are designed to take into account the fact that they can be folded, and the firmness is unchanged.

In many cases, the chair will use some metal hinges or folding accessories for folding. High-quality accessories make it meet the quality requirements and safety standards of various countries in terms of weight-bearing. A good folding chair must have the characteristics of easy folding, no automatic spreading, lightness, and strong durability


Application Of Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are widely used in various types of scenarios.

At present, all outdoor places can see the shadow of folding chairs, including Western-style outdoor lawn weddings, beach parties, BBQ, graduation ceremonies, park events, barn weddings, farm weddings, company products Promotional venues, auditoriums, tourist attractions, rest squares, etc .;

wedding folding chairs

Folding chairs are also frequently used indoors, such as hotels, ballrooms, restaurants, meeting rooms, library reading rooms, prayer places, concerts, large indoor exhibitions, school halls, Even as a student chair.

The material of the folding chairs

At present, the more popular folding chairs are generally composed of the following materials, wooden, resin, metal, plastic, bamboo and other materials, and it is itemized below:

Generally, birchwood, beechwood, hardwood (composition, characteristics) can be produced in different colors, such as wooden primary colors, various degrees of brown, fruitwood, mahogany color, white, black and other colors, usually with different colors of Pad, we will also be called Padded folding chairs, some people are also called wood Wimbledon chairs, and experienced manufacturers will also carry out the waterproof treatment.

wooden folding chairs


Resin folding chairs are divided into conventional resin folding chairs, fan-shaped back folding chairs, resin Napoleon folding chairs, slat seat plate resin folding chairs, etc.

Gallery Of Resin Folding Chairs

Generally, resin folding is only popular in black and white colors. Resin folding chairs are processed mechanically. The production speed is relatively fast, and it has a waterproof function to prevent scratches, which has been particularly popular in recent years.


Due to the unique metal texture, metal folding chairs are widely used in outdoor cafes, outdoor restaurants, gardens, and other places in Europe.

metal folding chairs

The combination of steel and wood folding chair, wooden slats and wooden back solve the problem of cold seat plate in winter, and the appearance of the combination of wood and metal is very unique.


The bamboo folding chair is particularly close to nature, and has a waterproof function, at the same time it can be combined with a bamboo folding table.
bamboo folding chair

A plastic folding chair is widely purchased because of its affordable cost. Lightweight, with an internal metal frame combined with polyurethane plastic material as the main.
blossom plastic folding chairs white

What you need to know when to buy folding chairs

Where to buy a folding chair depends on two aspects, the time required and the number of purchases.

Due to the source of raw materials for the folding chair and the labor cost of each country, many folding chairs produced by Chinese manufacturers are of good quality and competitive prices force.

folding chairs

If the number of chairs you want to buy is relatively small and the required delivery time is shorter, you can get the goods from a local wholesaler.

If the quantity you buy is relatively large, and you have a reasonable purchase plan and have enough time to purchase from China, it is recommended that importing from China is the most cost-effective. Buying folding chairs directly from Chinese suppliers can save a lot of costs. They can deliver the goods directly to your warehouse.

folding chairs wholesale

The 8 most popular folding chairs of 2020 as following, after a year of statistics in 2019, combined with this year’s trends, we predict that 8 folding chairs below 2020 will be very popular. And these are:

Why are folding chairs so popular?

There are many reasons for choosing a folding chair. We have selected ten articles listed below for your reference.

napoleon white folding chair factory

1、Foldable is convenient for storage, transportation, and transportation. During storage and transportation, the folded chair occupies less volume. The chair can be placed in the seat cover to prevent friction with each other. It can be transported with a special folding chair cart.

2、Small size can save freight. Since the folded chair is smaller, it can save a lot of land freight and can save a lot of sea freight during the container import process.

3、Good maintenance and simple maintenance. In particular, resin chairs and plastic chairs can be wiped with a damp rag. Daily maintenance and care do not require additional costs, and the seat plates of many folding chairs can be removed and replaced.

4、Heavyweight and strong. Considering the safety of the seats, people choose folding chairs that pass the quality test. They are sturdy and load-bearing, which ensures the safety of the people while ensuring comfort.

folding chairs

5、The purchase price is relatively competitive. The relevant survey results show that most of the folding chairs are better than other event chairs.

6、Fast production cycle. The production process of folding chairs is relatively simple, the production cycle is relatively short, wooden folding chairs can generally produce 20,000pcs around, and resin folding chairs can produce more than 3000 pcs a week.

7、Widely used places. Folding chairs are widely used in various weddings, hotels, restaurants, Indoor and outdoor occasions.

folding chairs

8、Long service life. Wooden folding chairs can generally be used for more than 2 years, while resin folding chairs can be used for more than five years.

9、Multi-selectivity, you can choose wood or resin, you can choose the chair of the appropriate material according to the different styles and colors of the events.

10、 It can be used with various types of tables, conventional folding tables, classical farm tables, folding outdoor tables, and bamboo folding tables.

When you decide to choose a wedding chair or banquet chair, please choose according to the venue and individual types of arrangements, all kinds of folding chairs will certainly be one of the most suitable options for you to consider.

As our company continues to gain prestigious recognition from customers worldwide with great compliments to our chair product lines, it brought us to become the industry leader and top-ranked product manufacturer.

folding chair

The ever increasing demand for the production of our chair product inclined to an overwhelming level that the need to excel and expand has taken in effect. Subsequently, our company values the integrity of our products and excellent service commitment to our clientele.

So, our team of talented professionals has developed a useful narrative tool found below, that customers can use redefining the details of our chair products various specifications, manufacturing process, purchase order solution, inventory, shipping and transport, including guidelines in troubleshooting and maintenance.

folding chair

It is our way of ensuring that our chairs will have the same quality as ever before it ships out from our factory.

This process solution will be beneficial to both our customers and our manufacturing team as it provides a brief elaborative detail of our products frequently asked questions and the answers found through this document narrative, exclusively for our customer’s knowledge and complete satisfaction on what to expect on our chair product prior to purchase and recently purchased items.

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